A new invention in the world of ophthalmology: the innovated contact lens

contact-lenses-google-yahoo-comIt is not unheard in the present times that diabetes is becoming a big and increasing trouble. The disease is spreading so fast and so much that it is taking one in nineteen people on earth. But not all are conversant with the everyday trouble that people suffering from diabetes have to face while they struggle to keep under control the blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled levels of blood glucose put the sufferers at risk and they can have a number of complications issuing from the disease. Some of the complications seen are short termed while the others are long termed and these include damage to such vital organs like the heart, kidneys, and eyes. There can also be instances where the blood sugar levels can go so low that it can affect the eyesight of a person. For instance, if the person is driving a car, it can skid or pass to the other side of the road.

Most of the people struggling to keep the blood glucose levels under check relate the process to some part time work. The levels of glucose undergo frequent changes with such normal activities eating, exercising, and even sweating. Both sudden spikes as well as precipitous drops can be dangerous and are not uncommon either. A person suffering from diabetes for years can have his eyesight affected by the disease if let gone uncontrolled and it requires the coming into existence of newer and more advanced equipments in the world of ophthalmology for proper detection and proper treatment of the disease.

The scientists have taken out quite a number of investigations over years to observe the reaction of different fluids in the body, like tears, with a view to find out some way that is easier for tracking the levels of glucose. However, it is not difficult to assess how hard it is to study or even collect tears. It is worth wondering if the miniaturized electronics such as sensors and chips that resemble small glittering bits along with an antenna that is thinner than a strand of human hair, can really be a worthwhile way for cracking the mystery of the tear glucose, measuring it with more accuracy. The new developments in ophthalmology are looking forward to make the solutions faster and easier for man.

A new contact lens is being tested which has been shaped with a view to measuring the levels of glucose in the tears making use of small glucose sensor and small wireless chip that are put between both layers of the soft material of the contact lens. Prototypes are being tested for generating reading once in every second. The potential of this lens in serving as an early warning is also being investigated in the study. It is thus that advanced ophthalmology is exploring small LED lights for indicating glucose levels irrespective of whether they are high or low. Though the technology is rather new, the clinical research examinations have been completed that are aiding in refining the prototype. The discussions are still high on discovering a viable system as can be used by the people.

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