Choosing the ‘Right’ Bridal Car Décor to Make the Wedding Even More Stylish

Choosing the ‘Right’ Bridal Car Décor to Make the Wedding
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Traditionally, the responsibility to decorate the bridal car lies with the groom only. But nowadays; couples often prefer decorating their wedding cars together, as it gives them a chance to explore their creativity. Moreover, given that hiring a wedding car requires a little bit of investment, you might want to save some money by decorating it without professional help …

However, it takes a lot of brainstorming and creativity to come up with an innovative idea for wedding car décor. So if you have decided to decorate the bridal car on your own, then here are some helpful suggestions to make the bridal car look like a dream…

#1: Use flowers to beautify the bridal car

If you want to decorate the bridal car with flowers, then keep the following pointers in mind:

  • You can either use fresh flowers or artificial flowers for decoration. However, artificial flowers are far inexpensive and are available in several colors. Hence you can consider using them to create a unique look.
  • Make sure that the flowers you choose are at least 2 inches in width.
  • You can select flowers that coordinate with the floral decoration at the wedding venue.
  • To cut down on the budget, you can consider a combination of ribbons and flowers to accentuate the appearance of the bridal car.
  • You can also tie flowers with vibrant ribbons to the door handles.

#2:  Consider using unconventional ‘props’ to decorate the car

You can consider using party accessories to pep up the car decoration and make it look ‘different’. For example:

  • Decorate the bridal car with soft toys, if your bride is a child at heart.
  • Use small plastic pom poms to line the windows, hood and bumper. It can be a fun and inexpensive way to decorate the car. To make the bridal car look vibrant, you can use pom poms of contrasting colours.
  •  If you want to give the bridal car a neat, classy and elegant feel, then you can decorate it with silk ribbons. You can attach them around the car, or prepare bows with the ribbons.
  • Using colourful balloons is another interesting way to decorate the bridal car. You can tie colourful balloons to the top sides of the car. To add to the fun element, you can also ask your friends to leave some funny messages on them.
  • Think of using magnetic wedding banners. They are easily available, can be personalized and you can stick them just about anywhere- like the hood, doors, windows and bumpers. It’s a great way to give a personalized touch to the cars.

#3: Leave a message

Leaving a message like ‘Just Married’ is an integral part of the bridal car decoration. You can either use a ready-made magnetic or vinyl sign board or can use different markers to write the message directly on the car. However, use markers that are easy to remove. For example, consider using:

  • Liquid chalk
  • Window markers/ glitter
  • Glass paints

P.S: What about using funny phrases/messages instead of writing the standard message of ‘Just married’? You can also paint cartoons, caricatures and the like to add more fun element to the bridal car.

No matter the way you choose to decorate your bridal car, you should nevertheless be careful on not ‘overdoing’ the decoration, and make it appear really odd. But at the same time, never hesitate experimenting with new themes, because having a personal touch on the decoration and preparation of your wedding will always leave you with many rewarding moments to cherish for a lifetime.

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