Tips on Getting the Most Out of a Photo Booth

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When you are organizing or hosting an event or a party, wouldn’t you like to capture its most cherishing moments in pictures? And if you want to try something really different than what the traditional photographers offer, then what can be a better option than a photo booth?

With a photo booth hired in your party/event, let your guests be themselves while posing for the pictures, instead of following the photographers’ instructions. And what’s more, when the party/event is over, they can even take back a copy of their photos home with a smile!

So how to approach the best photo booth service provider from the innumerable agencies advertising all around the U.K? It’s easy to find an agency that will work for you, actually. All you will need is to consider the following factors before booking any company…

#1: Print Quality:

Many photo booth lending agencies offer printers that don’t produce quality photo prints. So request some companies to mail you some of actual photos for sampling beforehand.

#2: Choose companies offering DSLR cameras

Though hiring DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex) might cost a few Pounds extra, they produce better quality shots than the compact digital point and shoot cameras. DSRLs are equipped with larger image sensor and better lenses which help produce sharper, crisper images even in poorly lit areas.

#3: Quality printers matter

It is important to inquire about the type of printer that will be used in the photo booth. Generally, two types of printers are used by the photo booth agencies- dye sublimation and inkjet. Dye-sublimation printers are far better than Inkjet printers because:

  • They offer a special UV coating which delays fading from strong sunlight
  • The images printed will be fingerprint and water resistant- thus long lasting
  • Prints faster- it takes just about 8 seconds to print pictures

#4: Make sure that the agency provides with bigger images- if needed

Take care that that the company you seek services from can provide you with enlarged versions (about 16 inches or even bigger) of the “One in a Million” shots if needed.

#5: The booth should be roomy yet lightweight

While some photo booths can accommodate no more than 2 people, many of them can have room for up to 10 persons. And of course, when it comes to photo shooting a group, you might want to look for a bigger booth.

Also, make sure that the booth is lightweight enough to be carried to anywhere you install it.

#6: The more services they offer, the better

Ideally, look for companies offering more value added services with booking. Some of the facilities that the companies complimentarily offer include:

  • A CD/ DVD that contains all the pictures captured in the party/event
  • Back up photo shooting equipments- at least each of an extra hard drive, flash, printer, and camera in case any of the equipments fail at the venue.
  • A tape backup to keep the files for you in case you damage/ lose your CD/ DVD down the line. The backup is, however kept with the company.
  • Personalised artwork banner so that your guests can have a special personalised message to the photo strips. This will make the ‘keepsake’ photos even more special
  • Double prints or copies for free or for an extra charge

#7: The agency should offer complimentary props that add an extra dimension of creativity and fun to your photos

Popular props used in the photo booth include:

  • Feathered boas
  • Tiara
  • King crown
  • Funny glasses (moustache, oversized, nerdy, etc)
  • Hawaiian flower leis
  • Hats (sombrero, pirate, Viking, fireman’s, farmer’s, etc)
  • Inflatable toys (musical instruments, swords, etc.)
  • Wigs

Last, but not the least, never seek services from a company which is not backed by positive client testimonials. You can find a number of agencies offering quality photo booth Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull and almost everywhere in the U.K.

Happy Photo Boothing!

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Jake Taylor is a regular blogger who has a knack for looking for ‘every other things’ that can act a zing to any party and event. Presently, he is researching on the best photo booth Birmingham and all over United the Kingdom.

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