Why Use Groovy as a Programming Language for Java Development

Java has become an obvious language in the private sector and in government because it establishes a way for multiple devices to work together using a unified platform, but like any other technology or platform it is also suffering from quite a few drawbacks. Moreover, it is quite tedious to code Java applications as it allows only a precise coding, which allows devices to execute commands quickly.

However, many government organizations and enterprises still prefer Java. In such scenario, how you can overcome the critical issues and complexities associated with Java? Here is where Groovy enters the equation, the most under-rated language ever that many feel is soon going to rule the Java Application development.

Groovy was released as one of the earliest dynamic languages built atop the JVM to act as a companion to Java in 2003. It can be easily used to combine Java modules, extend existing Java applications and create new applications. Java has everything except simplicity, and that’s where Groovy wins the battle as its code is quite simple. Users can quite easily learn the straightforward commands of Groovy within a day or two, but why one should learn Groovy? What makes it the strongest contender as a programming language for the future Java development? Let’s find out!

  • Faster to kick-start a new project – While conventional Java web application development platforms require developers to spend a lot of time to create the initial code for the infrastructure, with the help of Groovy, web applications can be created with web user interface and database access support within a few hours. This, at the end, enhances the productivity of the developers and they can focus more on improving the overall quality of the project.

  • Smart utilization of Java platform –  Groovy can be easily and seamlessly integrated into a Java platform. It can be easily integrated with Java applications. It empowers developers to utilize Java libraries in an easier and faster way. Moreover, using Groovy developers can easily reduce the development cycle phases and saves precious time.

  • Easy learning curve – Learning Java is a daunting task, especially if you are just a beginner. On the other hand, Groovy is quite easy to learn and program. Developers don’t have to put too much effort learning it as most of things, including syntax and libraries, are easy to understand and learn.

  • Compact syntax – With the help of optional typing, closures, builders and other simplified things, Groovy makes some of the repetitive boilerplate Java code a thing of past for the developers. When working with Groovy, developers don’t have to spend time writing similar codes again and again with simple syntax of Groovy. It also reduces the amount of code written by the developers.

  • Ample IDE Support – IDE support for Groovy is quite impressive, which makes its integration into different projects much easily. As Groovy IDE support improves, more and more Java frameworks will be created in Groovy.

  • Effective XML processing – XML processing with Groovy is quite impressive as it supports various classes like XML Parser, XmlSluper and DOMCategory. Moreover, you can also utilize a lot of JAVA APIs available in Java for XML processing.

Apart from all these, Groovy is easy to program and runs quickly on almost any hardware. Moreover, as it is simple, it would be quite impossible for the hackers to exploit Groovy. You can also make optimum use of features like support for domain-specific language, support for dynamic typing, powerful processing primitives, and support for unit testing and more.

So, Groovy has a flavor of Java, but it also brings a whole new bucnh of benefits to the developers as well as for the businesses. This may soon place it at the top of programming languages used in the Java Development. What’s your take on this? Please share your experience with Groovy in the comments!

About Author: Boni Satani is a Java Technology Consultant associated with Cygnet Infotech – an offshore IT Solution provider. Cygnet offers various Java Solutions including Java Web Application Development and Grails Development Services. Get in touch with me for any help or consultant on twitter – @bonirulzz

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