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Slit Lamp
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A slit lamp is an instrument that is used together with a biomicroscope in performing optical examinations. This lamp acts as a source of high intensity light which is directed at the eye so that different parts like the cornea, iris, eyelid and sclera are properly illuminated. Different lenses are used to examine various parts of the eye. This lamp allows the different structures of the eye to be properly magnified so that the expert can be able to diagnose a number of eye conditions. The examinations will only be fruitful if there is adequate light being directed at the specific area of the eye. This is why this lamp is very important.

There are a number of slit lamps available in the market but one stands out due to its superior quality. The Carl Zeiss slit lamp is an extremely versatile product which offers high optical performance. Carl Zeiss offers a number of slit lamps which are known to come in handy in very many applications. For instance, the SL 120 can be used in the examination of an anterior segment, vitreous and fundus. This lamp generates clear images due to its illuminated field of 14mm. It also comes with a tiltable prism head among many other accessories which contribute to its commendable optical performance.

When choosing a slit lamp, it is always important to find one that minimizes light loss and protects the patient’s eye from too much irradiation. The Carl Zeiss slit lamp offers more light due to its high transmission capability. It also helps to prevent causing any harm to the patient by reducing the light loss.The fact that the level of light is maximized means that the documentation and examination process will be significantly improved. Adequate lighting also ensures that a more detailed report is obtained regarding the condition of the eye since the structures are properly defined.

The other advantage of the Carl Zeiss slit lamp is its egronomous design. The lamp is practical and comfortable to work with which explains why it has been adopted by very many experts. It can be operated using a single hand and the controls are perfectly contoured to allow the operator to adjust the length, width and rotation of the slit whenever they feel the need. The slit lamp also has an extremely compact design with additional accessories like a digital documentation and laser attachments.

The product also offers improved resolution. The images seen when using this lamp are revealed in detail due to its high resolution. Users are able to get more discernable details when conducting eye examinations. The lamp can be comfortably operated by users who wear spectacles. This is because of its practical design and the fact that the eyepoint eyepieces are high enough. The lamp also has a quick action lock so that the operator can fix it firmly whenever there is a need. It offers unrestricted comfort and practicality to any operator. Most importantly, the Carl Zeiss slit lamp is very affordable.

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