Grand Piano and Its Different Aspects

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Majority of people are aware of what is a piano however not all of them are aware of grand piano and what distinguishes it from standard models. Well, this discussion will revolve around the details of grand piano so that people have a good concept what it is all about.

First of all, it is important to know that this piano consists of horizontal strings and horizontal frame. Strings of this piano are stretched out from keyboard which relies on gravity so that when they are struck, they come back to rest in same position. Grand pianos are available in different types. They can be distinguished from each other based on their sizes. Here is brief description of each piano:

Concert Grand: The length of concert grand piano is between seven to ten feet.

Parlor Grand: The length of parlor grand piano is between six to seven feet.

Baby Grand: This piano happens to be the smallest among all types and measures only five feet.

Now, the question arises as to why people would opt for the big concert grand instead of preferring baby grand piano which can produce identical quality sound? The answer to the question is that sound quality definitely differs from one another. Longer pianos have longer strings which is the main factor behind quality sound. Pianos that are short tend to produce inharmonicity in large amount which doesn’t produce the tone richness and listeners think of the sound sharp or harsh.

This can be observed when numerous octaves are played at once and the notes tend to be narrow. On grand piano that is smaller, octaves require stretching so that inharmonicity can be accommodated but it creates problems and leads towards octave imbalance. That is why preferring the large concert grand is a good idea as stretching octaves produces perfect harmonic sound. The sound produced is rich and brilliant and never too sharp or dull.

But, it definitely does not mean that baby grand is a waste as the sound produced by it is a lot richer than numerous keyboards available and it is easy to accommodate inside the house making it ideal for everyday use and practice. But, performance wise, concert grand definitely scores over others as it produces the best true harmonics. Listeners are provided with the kind of experience which was intended at the time of writing the music. So, opting for grand piano can be considered a very wise decision.

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