Planning a Party? Frozen Decorations Can Make the Difference

When you organize a party, the two things that usually stay on the top of your mind are food and decoration. Deciding the menu is easy because as long as you offer some delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and endless drinks, nobody will complain, but if you fail to give a unique look to the party, people will be disappointed. Don’t forget that it’s the decoration that creates the overall ambiance and sets the mood of the event.

In case you can’t decide what core elements you should use for party decoration, here is a good idea for you. You can use ice sculptures for decoration and add life to the event. Whether it’s your wedding, a corporate event or the birthday party of your son, frozen decorations match every theme perfectly.

1. Birthday party decoration ideas

Your kid expects the best from you on this joyful day and you can easily make him proud in front of his friends by decorating the event with frozen sculptures. Here are some of the things you can do with ice sculptures for a perfect birthday celebration.

  • Children love dolphin and joker dolls and you can surprise them by putting an ice-made joker or dolphin at the center of the hall where the party will take place. Make sure the sculpture is colorful so that it seems more realistic.
  • Birthday is all about blowing candles and cutting cakes. How about using iced candle holders this time? You can buy frozen candle holders from ice decoration service providers and place it around the cake so that your child’s dream comes true when he blows the burning candles and makes a wish.
  • Does your son love rock artists like Metallica? Then, how about decorating the party with frozen drums and other rock music instruments? It not only looks absolutely lifelike and spectacular but can also make your son realize that you want to encourage his love for music. This is what an ice sculpture can do. It can send silent messages effectively and bring immense joy.

2. Wedding decoration ideas

It’s the biggest day in any man or woman’s life and people leave no stone unturned to make sure it turns out to be a perfect one. Couples usually consult with their friends to get the best wedding decoration ideas and then compare the suggestions. However, if you need a winning formula, go for frozen decorations. There are lots of things you can do with ice. All you need is a little imagination and an ice sculpture making company’s help.

  • You can purchase frozen ice sculptures that have flowers inside and use them for the decorating the reception hall. Flowers are an integral part of any wedding, but I am sure not many of your guests have seen flowers inside ice sculptures. They will simply love the idea. You can also use frozen flower vases and keep fresh flowers inside them.
  • Drinking with old friends and relatives on the wedding day can be made memorable by investing in large hollow ice cubes. These hollow cubes can be used for serving shots or wine. The drink will stay cool for a long time and people will love the special touch.
  • You can buy a large ice-made statue of couples holding each other closely and place it at the center of the hall to make the event more romantic. It will echo your love for your spouse and also work as a perfect prop for other invited guests, willing to take a romantic photo with the person they love.
  • If you don’t have budget constraints, install an ice bar where guests can enjoy their drinks. You can also use an ice sculpture for food presentation. Some of the items you can place on it are tapas, caviar and sushi.
  • Use ice sculptures as centerpieces on dining tables so that guests can appreciate your aesthetic sense.

3. Corporate event decoration ideas

Suppose you want to launch a new product in the market and have invited media personalities to cover the event. What can you do to make sure they write good things about your product? Ice sculptures capture people’s attention and can create a buzz if used properly. Therefore, you can use frozen sculptures to promote your new product efficiently.

  • You can display the brand logo using a custom 3D ice sculpture.
  • Emboss your logo on the frozen cubes, used for serving drinks to the guests.
  • Display the newly launched product inside an ice sculpture. As ice sculptures are transparent, people will be able to see the item inside and take pictures, without touching it and this will create the desire to obtain the item in the market once it becomes available.

Event decoration is all about creative ideas and with frozen sculptures; you can add life to all your thoughts. I have shared some decoration tips in this article but don’t restrain yourself to these ideas only. Think of something on your own and ask your ice sculpture provider to crystallize your thoughts on ice.

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