Limo Service and Best Limo Cars

Some people prefer their cars to be driven by somebody else whereas some prefer to drive their won cars. Limousine services and limousines are mainly for those people who prefer to sit comfort while a chauffeur drives the vehicle. These services are mostly availed by high officials of the government, billionaires, celebrities and sports personalities. They are mostly engrossed in the work with meetings to shuffle, calls to make and documents to be reviewed. It is because of all these factors limo service serves as the perfect solution for them instead of self-driven cars.

It has been agreed by most passengers of average sedans available these days that leg space between back and front seat does not provide full comfort. A confined space like this does not allow relaxing and spreading the legs while traveling. Luxury sedans of the premium are definitely available offering comfort as per the requirements of the owner but not many has neither the means nor the resources to own such cars. The additional provisions that are available with few of the modern vehicles do not match up to the standards of the best limo cars.

Upcoming Phantom from Rolls Royce comes with extended wheelbase which was unveiled at the Motor Show held in Geneva recently. The car seems to be perfect for limo service with a staggering price of more than $ 300,000. The vehicle comes with added features where the occupants are provided the opportunity to watch DVD’s, play video-games, store cigars, enjoy cocktails, and lots more. The car can also be personalized with leather and wooden trimming and also install partition between seat of the driver and rear for maintaining privacy. Only a handful of car manufacturers are present focusing primarily on the cars rear compartment which ultimately leads to a fascinating luxurious riding experience.

Unlike regular cars, limousines come with glasses that are bullet resistant, armor plating, and also Jacuzzi’s or hot tubs at rear segment. These are the specialties of the best limo cars designed and developed in such a way so as to offer the greatest comfort and luxury. A limo service gets basically hired for different special occasions like wedding, birthdays, night-out; etc which is driven by professionally trained chauffeurs. Arrival of the Phantom will no doubt make this industry more profitable and glamorous as a vehicle like this will serve as the 1st choice for those opting for limousine service.

Author Bio: This article is written by Tony Rolland on behalf of Tampa Town Cars, a Tampa Limousine service comapny. He has worked for several years as a consultant for many small business companies.

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