Top Class Ophthalmic Equipments from Synergetics

Ophthalmic equipments are used by ophthalmologists from every part of the world for the diagnosis of various eye diseases. Ophthalmic equipments manufacturing is considered to be a booming business nowadays because of rise of eye related disorders. A recent report released stated that majority of eye disorders are directly linked with increasing age. The number of cataract patients present in U.S is expected to reach the sixty percent mark whereas Glaucoma patients might increase to nearly about fifty percent. The Macular degeneration is already starting to affect people from every corner of the world because of rise of diabetic cases. Lucintel’s report released recently stated that medical device sale will reach a huge figure of three hundred two billion by 2017.

Synergetics specializes in the manufacture of advanced microsurgical devices and currently owns 40 patents across the globe for ophthalmic and neurosurgical devices. The tools developed by Synergetics help in the removal of eye fluid which was impossible to think even a few years back. The vitrectomy surgery involves the use of various ophthalmic equipments because it is performed quite frequently. Nearly 1.1 million vitrectomy surgeries are carried out annually in the world of which majority of the cases are performed in United States. There are lots of other equipments manufactured by Synergetics namely forceps, scissors, membrane scrapers, etc. The earnings of Synergetics have increased considerably over the past few years generally because of its outstanding marketing policies.

The equipments from Synergetics are expected to be in high demand in countries like Russia, China and India. The equipment sale from Synergetics crossed the fort two million mark after its poor performance in the third quarter. There are various other companies involved in manufacturing ophthalmic equipments but brands that are well known are always preferred because of parts scarcity. Synergetics VersaVIT got approval from the FDA. This vitrectomy system which is portable will definitely get popular as time passes and hopes to get the approval from Europe also. Presently Synergetics is more focused on ambulatory services rather than marketing strategies. Versa-PACK from Synergetics helps to carry instrumentation and accessories so that every procedure can be easily carried out. Out of so many equipment manufacturers only a handful promises to deliver reliable and hi-tech ophthalmic equipments. Syngertics promises to deliver the best of equipments without compromising the quality or durability. These equipments have helped millions of patients throughout the globe for the treatment of critical eye diseases.

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