Synergetics – A Leader in Ophthalmic Equipments

Ophthalmic Equipment from Synergetic
Picture Credit: Synergetic

Ophthalmologists all over the world make use of ophthalmic equipment to diagnose different types of eye diseases. The manufacturing of ophthalmic equipments is one of the booming businesses in the present day world. Recently the American Academy of Ophthalmology came out with a report that nearly 1/3rd of eye diseases are related to age. It is expected that over the next fifteen years cataract patients in the US are going to increase by sixty percent whereas Glaucoma patient’s number might increase by fifty percent. Macular degeneration has already affected a large proportion of people throughout the world which is exacerbated by rising number of diabetes cases. Lucintel, a research firm, expects that the annual sales of medical device will exceed a staggering figure of $302 billion by the year 2017.

Synergetics is a company that specializes in sophisticated microsurgical devices for vitrectomies and presently owns more than forty patents worldwide for neurosurgical and ophthalmic devices. The advanced tools from Synergetics have made it possible to remove fluid from the middle of the eye which was not possible a few years earlier. A large number of ophthalmic equipment is used in vitrectomy surgery as it is the 3rd most frequently performed eye surgery in the world. Throughout the world around 1.1 million vitrectomies are performed every year out of which 300,000 takes place in the United States alone. Varieties of other instruments are also provided by Synergetics like diamond dusted membrane scraper, surgical lasers, forceps as well as scissors. Over the last five years, the earnings growth of Synergetics has reached 13.7 percent that was mainly due to the aggressive policy of the company that targeted emerging markets.

The sales of Synergetics equipment in India, China and Russia are expected to increase as there is high demand for quality eye care in these countries. In spite of not performing well on its 3rd quarter sales, Synergetics managed to make a decent comeback where the sales rose to $43.2 million. Even though a lot of companies manufacture ophthalmic equipment but people always prefer to get it from well known brands because of the scarcity of parts. In the month of June, the VersaVIT from Synergetics which is a portable vitrectomy system was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is expected that the demand for the VersaVIT will gradually increase to a large proportion and is currently awaiting approval in Europe.

Synergetics has currently shifted its emphasis on marketing strategies from hospital settings to ambulatory surgical centers. The Versa-PACK launched by the company has helped surgeons to carry only the accessories and instrumentation that are required to carry out the procedures. There are only a few manufacturers in the world known for the quality and reliability of ophthalmic equipment. Synergetics is one such brand that assures to provide ophthalmic equipment that is highly durable and manufactured with extreme precision. Synergetics has built its reputation over the years by offering advanced equipment that could cure some diseases that were dreaded a few years back.

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