Fundus Camera and Its Uses

Eye tests performed at a doctor’s clinic helps in analyzing whether a person needs glasses and various other problems. Ophthalmologists and medical professionals use fundus camera for predicting and checking different problems related to the eye. A fundus camera is an effective device through which advanced images of retina can be taken. Doctors use these images to diagnose diseases or use them in several types of screening programs. Basically the equipment is made of reduced power microscope that is attached with camera. Upright, magnified view is provided that helps treating different ocular ailments. One area where the equipment is used widely is for diagnosing retinopathy that is frequently found in diabetes patients.

The optics of fundus camera is similar to indirect ophthalmoscope and light travels through number of lenses. These are advanced and critical devices manufactured by some top companies like Topcon, CSO, CenterView and many more. Every procedure can be easily carried out but missing appointments is not recommended as there is a procedure performed before the test where dilation of pupils takes place. Because of that, vision gets blurred or hazy for short interval and the bigger retina area can be diagnosed carefully. Bright light passes through retina and image gets captured.

Images captured by fundus camera helps examine parts of retina that gets illuminated. Numerous benefits are offered by such photography as images are evaluated for diagnosing different ailments like retinal detachment, glaucoma, etc. The papilledema detected by this photography shows intracranial pressure signs that take place because of different issues like brain tumor, hypertension, etc. The advancements made in the areas of science and technology introduces new equipments essential for treating patients suffering from serious eye diseases.

There is no doubt about the fact that fundus camera is an important tool for eye doctors for diagnosing the diseases effectively. Prior to the introduction of such equipments there were hardly any simple procedures available to detect eye diseases. But the inception of such instruments proves beneficial for majority of people as every problem is detected without mistakes. Ophthalmology is an area which requires high precision equipments as details of the disease are not visible from the outside. One major advantage of such instruments is that they can be used easily, effectively without losing precious time. As more number of diseases affects people, the future of a healthy and happy lifestyle depends a lot on these devices.


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