Hilarious House Cleaning Blues

My husband is meticulous in helping me in all my chores i.e. when he has time and it often happens to be Sunday. In spite of all his noble intentions, he often ends up by making the conditions worse than before. Once in a month, without any gap he starts the house cleaning session. All including me and my children keep guessing when the D Day would finally arrive when the master of the house will declare his noble intention of cleaning the house.

Often the kitchen becomes the first casualty of his noble intentions. The first battle in the house cleaning session is to clean the sink and he is particularly diligent in cleaning it. Then the shelves with all the jars and utensils which are all first cleaned and washed. The downside of this process is, I have to spend a week again to unravel the mystery of the new locations of the jars and the utensils. The moral Get all the jars labeled with what it is containing so that there is no confusion in future.

Often during the process of house cleaning, the master of the house would keep things in a secure, often very secure place only to forget it later. The usual casualty is gardening equipment, screw drivers, nuts and bolts. When a need arise for such things, it cannot be found and I would say that even the best sleuths from Scotland Yard will not be able to fathom the mystery of the missing items and unearth it.

Often the logic which men give for their deeds becomes unfathomable and sometimes hilarious. One of my friends told me that her husband never cleaned the glass panes of the windows because birds can get hurt by dashing against the panes if it is spotlessly clean. Once my husband during a perfect session of house cleaning, cleaned the floors, a bit too thoroughly. The reason, his boss was coming for dinner. My hubby applied a generous coat of wax and polished, repolished and again polished a third time till he could see his grinning face on the floor. All was perfect and his boss also came at the appointed hour and after pleasantries we settled down. I set the table and asked the distinguished guests over to the dinner table. Then tragedy struck; the wife of my husband’s boss slipped on the floor and that was the end of the pleasant day. My apologetic hubby at once rushed to her aid and soon we discovered that she had twisted her ankle and it was woefully swollen. The guests had to make an early exit before the clinics would close in the night.

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