Google Plus and The Future

The Google Plus has been launched and signals that Google is now ready to enter the social networking segment. What I am concerned is not how this will affect the networking giants like face book and twitter. What I am more interested is the effect which it will have on the ranking of the websites and how it will affect Dental SEO. Though it is only in an initial stage, still the effects are pretty getting evident. It is a known fact that the social sites are an effective tool to accomplish the dental SEO in a much more effective way.

In present times most sites are linked to FaceBook and Twitter accounts and the only reason which has prompted this is that it affects the search engine rankings. Now Google has unveiled the Google Plus and I am sure that Google will integrate the Google Plus informations while deducing the rankings of different websites. In all probability, it will serve as a yardstick to gauge the social signals of any website. This fact will have a very deep effect on how experts will be getting on with their dental SEO strategies

During the last few months there has been a large scale upheaval in the Google algorithms and the way Google sets different rankings of websites. First the Panda updates and then the Penguin updates. However there are certain things which have remained same. For example the importance of back links and the number of users especially from social websites like the Face Book and Twitter. If a user with a Face Book account or a twitter account clicks on any website it is an endorsement that there is something useful in the suite. It will be marked by the search engine and ranked highly. Therefore if a user with a Google plus account clicks on any website, it means that he is giving his vote of approval. It will also help the website masters to device better Dental SEO strategies since they do not need to search for the target and relevant users and can zero on the exact segment of users who are in need of Dental information.

It must also be remembered that Google owns the Google Plus and therefore it will be easier to get the relevant information rather than depending upon other social sites which will always have a chance to be manipulated to use the Google algorithms which will be used to rank the sites. This will also be one of the reasons why people will be more amenable to Google Plus and it will have a wider acceptance in the long run.

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