Fishing Tips: Selecting a Rod for Fishing in Tampa

A close friend of yours caught his first bass and is excited to the highest degree. He pesters you for a day on the riverside for an expedition of angling. He has bought his own fishing rod, an ultra light, and plastic fishing rod. After an exhausting day which ends with a negligible catch, your friend is scratching his head as to what went wrong? Well the answer is pretty obvious-He chooses the wrong rod for fishing in Tampa.

Tampa Bay fishing

Novices and sometimes even experienced anglers do not realize the importance of the correct rod for Tampa Fishing. You have to understand that a fishing rod meant for smaller fish will fail miserably when fishing for bigger fishes. There are two factors which are of utmost importance while choosing the best fishing rod for fishing in Tampa –These are the power and action of the fishing rod. Often anglers get confused with these two terms.

Rod Action

Rod action pertains to how much the rod bends when the bait is thrown or when he fish is hooked at the end. The different levels of rod action is defined as follows-

1.            Extra fast action rod- The fishing rod only bends at the tip

2.            Moderate fast action rod- The fishing rod bends only over the last third of the length

3.            Fast action rod- The fishing rod bends from the last quarter

4.            Slow action rod-The stiffest fishing rods and bends only at the handle

Rod Choice for Tampa Fishing

The best rod for angling around Tampa is the moderate power, fast action rod equipped ideally with a spinning reel. They are the optimum fishing rods for angling in Tampa and are suitable for a line which is standardized for strengths up to 10 pounds. Such fishing rods are best suited for angling small fishes such as bass fish or panfish as well as large fishes such as cat fish or large bass. It also helps the user to cast light lures to considerable distances. However if you are more interested for trapping small fishes such as bluegill or small trout, the ultra light, plastic fishing rods are ideal. However do not buy the ultra lights which are too springy and willow like.

If all the above tips seems too confusing then here is a golden tip- Decide which kind of fishing you want to start with. What kind of fish you want to catch. Choose the line for the particular pound strength and then the fishing rod with appropriate action and power.


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