Treating colds and flu more effectively with eucalyptus vaporizing


Do you remember how annoying it is to get a cold? You don’t feel like going to work, your taste buds lose its taste and a nagging headache makes you very irritable. The most irritating aspect is the nasal congestion. You wheeze and cough, groan and grunt in the process of clearing your nasal passages. The best option is to apply a cold vapor rub to relieve the congestion. However these vapors rub cost money and contain a lot of unwanted chemicals. Therefore it would be a great thing if you can get something more closely to nature and at a fraction of the cost? I am talking about the Eucalyptus oil or Eucalyptus leaves which are able to give the same results at a much very insignificant cost.

A vaporizer is the best and the most handy tool for fighting the symptoms of cold. A vaporizer is a common occurrence in most household and it can be put to a very good use. You can put Eucalyptus oil in the vaporizer along with the water and then inhale its vapors for relief from nasal congestion during a bout of cold. In this way you shall not only protect yourself from inhaling the harmful ingredients which are usually added along with Eucalyptus oil in most cold vapor rubs.

The use of Eucalyptus oil was known since ages and it has been monopolized by companies who make cold vapor rubs and charge a lordly sum. However you will be surprised to know that the same effects can be obtained by using Eucalyptus oil or even eucalyptus leaves and that too at a very small cost.

Eucalyptus oil vapors are a very good mucolytic and expectorant and help to liquefy the mucus or phlegm and help to remove it with considerable ease. It is the vapors of the Eucalyptus oil which is the active ingredient in most of the cold rubs. Eucalyptus oil vapors soothe the agonized nasal passages and reduce inflammation and swelling. This helps the person to breath easily and with less discomfort.

In present times a lot of emphasis is being given to alternative method of treating chronic and recurrent ailments like common cold and flu. One such treatment is aromatherapy. Most vaporizers are designed to serve as an adjunct to aromatherapy. Vaporizers can be used to spread the aroma in the room and help you to breathe easily. Just substitute with Eucalyptus Oil in its purest form and switch on the vaporizer to allow the aroma of the oils to spread before you retire to bed and it will give you good sleep with easy breathing.

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