Why is it Important to Complete Started Tasks

Why is it Important to Complete Started Tasks

It often happens that the planned tasks are performed only in half. As a result, not only your mood may deteriorate, but also your condition – weakness and lack of energy.

Planning is a very good and useful habit. In addition to the fact that you will not lose anything, so even at the end of the day, when all the work is done, the human body produces a hormone of happiness – serotonin.

But if not all plans come true and then the following happens: something planned – not done, something started – not finished, etc. And then we forgot about everything and live on. But it’s not that simple.

An idea conceived or started is like an open tab or program on a computer. The brain has already received an impulse: “This is what needs to be done” and launched its processes in different areas – the cortex, neocortex.

As a result, some of your attention is still there, whether you understand it or not. And where there is attention, there is an energy, they always go in pairs. It turns out that if you just hung the task, did not complete, did not put an end, the brain continues to process it quietly and absorb your energy.

This is not happening on a large scale, in one fell swoop, but quite a bit. But, just imagine that there are 10, 30, or 100 such as “open tabs” and each of them draws energy from you. As a result, energy and concentration flow like a sieve, making you slow, de-energized, and powerless.

Also, as a result of your slowdown, there may be another moment that will take away your energy – the inner critic. When you do not have the strength to continue active activities, he will “bite” you like a woodpecker, catching up with the idea that you are lazy and instead of rest, you could do something useful. And living with guilt is an additional burden on your nervous system and psyche.

So try to write realistic plans, complete ongoing projects, and do not torment yourself with guilt. Then you will have more energy and concentration on the important – better.

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