Lemons – Benefits and Harms of Citrus

Lemons - Benefits and Harms of Citrus

There are legends about the healing properties of lemon: it is said that this citrus boosts immunity, strengthens nails, cleanses the skin, and whitens teeth. What are the really useful properties of lemon, and what is better not to experiment with?

People use lemon almost every day. But few people know how to choose the right fruit and whether it really has such super properties that are attributed to it.

In order to choose the right, ripe fruit, you should pay attention to the skin – rubbing it, the ripe fruit will have a sharp smell of citrus, but immature – will not have a characteristic odor, but it is more useful for diabetics.

Lemon with thin skin is ideal for adding to tea, but thick-skinned – for zest for baking.

However, people use lemon not only in the kitchen but also in self-care, for example, to cleanse or whiten the skin. Acids help to remove the stratum corneum, the only thing – it should not be used often. After all, some people believe that if they have oily skin, they should wash every day with water and lemon – but no.

Before use, check if you are allergic to this product. If not – you can safely smear your nails. After all, lemon juice moisturizes the cuticle well.

The same with hair. That is after we wash our hair, we can rinse our hair s with cool water with the addition of a few drops of lemon.

But teeth whitening is a myth. Lemon juice will interact with calcium, so if you have fairly thin enamel, you can damage it, and your teeth may react with sensitivity.

Another common myth is water with lemon on an empty stomach every morning. Of course, it is useful for maintaining body tone, but drinking it so often is impossible even for a healthy person.

But for people with sensitive tooth enamel, kidney disease, or those who have a stomach ulcer or high acidity – it is generally contraindicated.

Also, nutritionists do not recommend adding lemon to just poured tea or coffee – boiling water breaks down vitamin C at lightning speed. Therefore, your body will not be able to benefit.

But if you season salads, vegetables, or meat with lemons – you can get enough of all the nutrients. The main thing is to know the measure.

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