Used-Ophthalmic-EquipmentIn the field of ophthalmology the equipment used is just as important as the skill of the ophthalmologist. That being said, the ophthalmologist needs to think about budgeting in order to equip their office but not compromise quality and service so the question is whether the benefits of using used ophthalmic equipment is viable.

First of all, any used medical equipment must always be purchased or leased from the most established and respected dealers and manufacturers.  This cannot be expressed more importantly.  The reason being is because there are dealers in medical equipment who are like the classic shady used car salesmen of old who will sell equipment that isn’t up to specs, swapped parts that are unreliable or just downright dangerous.  Reputable dealers and manufacturers know what the industry standards are and make sure their used ophthalmic equipment meets the standards of excellence of the industry.

No one wants to have outdated products especially in the medical field.  Doctors and nurses and clinics could end up broke from just one screw up.  Many if not all manufacturers of ophthalmic equipment sell used ophthalmic equipment along with their newest line.  This is a good thing as their reputation rests on their selling quality equipment whether new or used.  They’ll make sure the equipment has no faulty or worn parts and that they’ll last a good time.  They know clinics and practices are on a budget but no one wants cheap and hazardous tools.  That being said, getting your ophthalmic equipment up to specs can be had at the manufacturing level with warranties too.

Another venue are medical equipment dealers who specialize in used equipment too. These companies have to be certified and trust none of them that hesitate to show you their credentials.  The top companies will have a variety of used equipment to choose from and the staff should be well hatted in displaying the various combination of equipment that the office should have.  You may have 50% of your office equipment already but need to budget on the rest but need top quality. That’s where a top notch used ophthalmic equipment dealer comes in.  Just chat it up with them and show them the layout of the clinic or office.  They’ll make suggestions and then barter for the best deal.  Ask if they have warranties which they should and how you buy your equipment might have additional warranties available or extensions.

So there are two options right there.  The manufacturers or the qualified dealerships.  Combining the two can be as affordable and equitable as well.

Mix and match to get quality and discounts.  You might need a new piece of equipment but it’s associative equipment needn’t be so new and that allows for you to purchase what you need and then the additional equipment at a lower cost. Again, this is where mixing between manufacturer and dealer come into play.  You know what equipment you need and that allows for you to compare prices.  Look at what you must have which will be new and what you need that doesn’t have to be new. You may find a bargain that will keep you up to specs easily.

Backup that equipment!  That’s right, you may need backup equipment meaning two or three of the same ophthalmic equipment.  That’s where used ophthalmic equipment comes in handy again.  This will allow for you to have that vital equipment ready to use should one become inoperable.  If you have a lot of traffic to the practice and suddenly there’s a shortage you’ll be in dire straits.  Should something break, likewise. Used equipment cost so much lower that you may be able to get two or three pieces in spec condition just in case.

Finally, always, always get medical equipment from the manufacturer or manufacturer recommended dealerships and all should go quite well.

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