Innovative Office Design Can Boost Employee Performance and Productivity

Innovative Office Design Can Boost Employee Performance and ProductivityIn the cut-throat world of trade and commerce, the best way an establishment or firm can retain its competitive edge, is by boosting up employee engagement. And how can a firm encourage its employees and staff to give their best? Of all the motivational aids and strategies that have been tried and tested by businesses, big and small, for stimulating office performance, having in place, a congenial working environment has proven to be the most effective.

By offering your employees an appropriate office environment, you ensure that they stay motivated, lively, and healthy. Lying at the core of a typical modern-day workplace is ergonomically designed office furniture that invariably improves overall performance and productivity.

Office furniture nowadays are designed and created, keeping the interests and welfare of employees in mind. Following are some of the aspects you need to pay attention to while designing your office for the purpose of furthering employee morale and productivity.

Creating a comfortable working place using ergonomic office furniture

As per a report published by Stanford University Medical Center, over 100 million Americans suffer from lumbago. And a good proportion of these Americans tend to be engaged in a sedentary job-the root cause behind lower back pain. Remaining in a seated position while working for the better part of the day makes you most vulnerable to lumbago as well as other stress related injuries.

On top of that if the office furniture has been designed in a way that does not let you work efficiently and comfortably, your vulnerability to stress injuries go up. The remedy lies in installing height adjustable desks, tables, and chairs. Better still invest in sit-to-stand workspaces and workstations.

Modular furniture can help take advantage of the latest strides made in IT

Workspaces and offices, as we used to know them, have undergone a massive overall, structurally speaking as well as in terms of job positions. These days, over 70% of the employees in any organization, tend to be engaged in IT-oriented tasks and responsibilities. Designing office furniture for these ‘knowledge workers’ is a veritable challenge for interior designers as the employees are not rooted to their desks throughout the day.

Opting for modular furniture is the best solution as the same can be modified and reconfigured with other similar units.

Incorporate environmental aspects into office design

Exposure to artificial light while at work has proven to be more counterproductive than what was originally conjectured. You may be aware that using your smartphone, working on the computer or enjoying a TV program late at night can adversely affect your sleep. On the other hand, natural light or daylight tends to be particularly conducive for improving performance at workplace.

Make sure that the layout of your office is such that the same permits the maximum streaming of daylight. Also, place potted plants at prominent place in the office that helps in improving memory skills.

Make office design work for you and your employees and clients

Your workplace environment including the office furniture should be such that it reflects positivity and optimism. At the same time, the office setup should leave a lasting impression on your employees and clients.

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