5 useful applications for employment of fitness home

A beautiful slender body is not only a diet, but also a physical load. But what if the trips to the gym are temporarily unavailable?
Do not despair. You can download the fitness application to your smartphone, and maintain your body in the form of a home.

Do not despair. You can download the fitness application to your smartphone, and maintain your body in the form of a home.


The universal load meter Pedometer

The universal load meter Pedometer is designed for those who do not like cycling or running contraindications. But walking is also regarded by nutritionists as a good physical load, stimulating the heart muscle. When walking, a person grows thin, especially if he eats properly.

It’s enough to download the application to your smartphone, and start it when you leave the house. The program records the number of steps and the distance traveled.

Interesting: analyzing the data and the time spent, the pedometer calculates the amount of calories consumed by you, and displays the data on the diagram with their visual display, accompanied by useful information on adjusting the loads.

JEFIT – personal fitness instructor

Correctly perform exercises for weight loss

Thanks to this application, you will receive the most productive workout. The program will help you compose and correctly perform exercises for weight loss. With the interface you too quickly will understand – it is very simple.

The program includes more than 1300 useful exercises, various in load and complexity. Each unit is accompanied by a detailed instruction.

The program records data itself, maintains load statistics and makes a program for training, considering all your features.

Get Fit Community

The program is designed to communicate with like-minded people. In the social network Get Fit Community are available video, photos, group and personal chats. Targeted communication will help you raise self-esteem and increase motivation for fitness.

The basis for the idea of ​​the Get Fit Community is the emergence of new acquaintances and the conduct of joint activities, training and competitions, especially since it is more accessible today than ever before.

Runtastic GPS

When you run, you need special control of your body

Optimized program for cardio training. When you run, you need special control of your body. The Runtastic GPS program is a smartphone module that captures your movement, speed, time, heart rate, distance.

Fat Secret

The Fat Secret application

Get a personal nutritionist. The Fat Secret application will help you in keeping a diet and calculate the correct diet for losing weight. After installing the program, it is enough to register and enter your data – height, weight, gender and age.

Then you put the task to the application. For example – to lose weight, and enter those products that you plan to eat for a day. The program includes thousands of items, including dishes of the restaurant menu and yummy.

Interestingly: the program itself will calculate the number of calories, and remind you of the next weigh-in. After the entered results, the application will correct the rate of consumed products so that the result becomes effective.

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