Incredible Design of Galaxy S9 Will Make You Fall For It

Incredible Design of Galaxy S9 Will Make You Fall For ItGalaxy S8 – is “Wow!” Just like two years ago when Samsung refused dim “plastic” design in favor of metal, glass and curved display. We were testing at Galaxy S8 and S8 + glossy black casing, and both of them look like fashionable to say, very “sexy”.

This at first glance updates to distance themselves from its predecessors. All thanks to the ratio: now the height of the device is related to width ratios of 18.5: 9, almost as in a recent LG G6 with its 18: 9. Simply put, the smartphone has a more elongated shape, but noticeably narrower. Galaxy S9 will follow the same path in attaining a stunning display and body design. The body will be fabricated with lovable glossy colors plus smooth surface. The color variants for Galaxy S9 have been leaked. The news suggests that the Galaxy S9 will come out next year with amazing general colors initially like black, silver, gold, rose-gold. After some days, you may see it in other cool refreshing colors like bubble gum pink color, mid-range green color, and bright matte red color. Refreshing glossy body colors and the stunning display will fall you for it.

Galaxy S8, and even larger S8 + incredibly comfortable – they provide a comfortable grasp of the hand and evoke nostalgic memories of the days when phones were much smaller current smartphones. A coin has two sides, a fact. There is no doubt, larger displays are heart winning but it will no longer remain a satisfactory sign when we come to know that its display is a disappointing factor due to its durability and highly smooth body. In a test, when we hold Galaxy S8 in hand, after 10 minutes it got slipped out from the hands resulting in thousands of pieces of the screen. Hoping, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 to hit the market with the more durable screen.

Both Galaxy S8 and S8+ are symmetrically bent at the ends, where there is a layer of a metal frame. Black embodiment of this design is very organic.  A marked contrast to last year’s Galaxy S7 edge is slightly smaller bending display. This is particularly well illustrated if we put two devices on the table face down – «curvature» Galaxy S8 is not as radical as its predecessor. When it comes to the design of Galaxy S9, it is far better than its predecessors, having uniqueness and stunning fabrication. The phone will have a glass and metal body. The display will be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protecting the device from moisture, dust, and fall damage. The lovable body colors in bubble gum pink, bright matte red, rose-gold, mid-green are so witty that have no words to explain its magical beauty.

Complete undergone rethinking management. All function buttons in Galaxy S8/S8+ have become virtual and settled at the bottom of the screen. Forget the usual hard key “Home” – now it is “embedded” in the display and trying to simulate clicking through vibration. It turned out something like a review Taptic Engine to iPhone, but in the case of Samsung, you still feel it vibrate rather than “gap housing” or mechanical impact. Galaxy S9 will come out next year with the same potential and energy and will make everyone fall for its higher efficiency and performance. In Galaxy S9, the device will follow no physical button rule; it will neither have a physical home button nor a special sideway-physical button for Bixby as present in Galaxy S8.

Picture Cerdit: Pexels

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