Attempt to figure out actual meaning of the term cloud in computer application

Attempt to figure out actual meaning of the term cloud in computer applicationYou are already familiar with the term cloud storage and streaming. These two terms are usually used for a number of online activities. These two terms are closely related to the concept of cloud computing. Unfortunately, no honest effort has been adopted to explain the actual meaning of these conceptual terms. As a result, average people do have the tendency of uttering them in every step of computer based activities without knowing the actual meaning of this phrase.

Primarily, this cloud computing is based on the notion of remote storage connected with the platform of internet. For instance, when you are saving any photo in cloud, it implies that you are saving it not in your nearby device but in the one which is located at a far away distance. Though it has been stored in a distant location, you can still access it with the help of internet irrespective of the device that you are using at the present moment. The definition of the term cloud storage is based on the concept of storing innumerable data in the shape of music, photos and files in more than one device with easy accessibility from either of them anytime.

Normally, users need to pay before storing their information in remote locations in formats like Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox. The payment is mainly meant for the firm that helps you in storing files to keep them secured, accessible and safe irrespective of the gadget that you are using. There is a bit debate regarding the origin of the term cloud computing. It has been first used in the year of 1996 when executives of the firm Compaq predicted about the possibility of the emergence of cloud computing application through internet. But it was in the year of 2006 that the term actually conceptualized to become a reality. The credit for this effort mainly goes to Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google that time. He first emphasized on phrase cloud computing that allows users to store and access data from any device.

Now this expression has got its real meaning where your data will be accessible not from your nearest but from farthest located device. However, this application also has its advantage and drawbacks. The main benefit is there is no need to worry about the storage space capacity of any device as they can be stored in multiple gadgets. Secondly, in the event of device breaking you can easily avail it from other sources as well. Applications like Spotify help you in accessing innumerable files at a reasonable price in this format. The major shortcoming is that third party firm will be responsible for maintaining your data privacy. So there is no surety that it will obey your request of deleting any sensible information. If you are run out of internet connection, then you will not be successful to access those files that are saved in cloud format.

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