Lingerie to set the tone just right

In an attempt to go full on sexy, women often make the mistake of getting a nighty which is either too tight or too skimpy for their own comforts for their wedding night. Although it is true that every woman would love to show her body off on her wedding night, it is equally important to remember that honeymoon special nighty has to be comfortable for the wearer. If you are even slightly awkward and this is your first time becoming intimate with your partner then the lingerie can put you under a lot of pressure. For example a nighty for honeymoon which has too many strings can kill the mood just trying to untangle it. Even before that, a woman trying to get into a complicated piece of lingerie and not getting it just right could land herself in an embarrassing situation.

Your nighty for honeymoon must be functional as well as sexy. The bride dressing up for this night is the perfect end to the long wedding ceremonies and the beginning of a beautiful life together. Hot dresses for honeymoon are easy to find but the perfect lingerie for the most important night of your life needs more consideration. Follow the below tips to get closer to your dream first night lingerie:

  • A barely there is more appropriate for the honeymoon. Your first night is about discovering each other so get something that reveals your best assets but covers your private parts appropriately. Give him the joy of imagining what is beneath the surface and then uncovering it. Your nighty for honeymoon can be sheer but not such that it gives away everything within the first minute. Building excitement is part of the experience and makes the night more meaningful.
  • Flowing fabric allows you to look more feminine which will make him want you even more. A thin fabric hides as well as reveals at the perfect level. Something that falls and flows on your skin will look and feel good.
  • Go for bold colours which will help ignite flame and passion. Purples, reds and pinks are amongst the favourites but you should pick your colour based on your preferences as well as your partners.
  • Don’t buy something that is totally against your personality. Even if you and your partner have been intimate before, you getting something that is too vulgar for your personality will not work well. If you are a good girl then the wedding night nighty should be flirty or naughty rather than over the top sexual. Similarly if you are a fun type of a person who tries everything then go for a flaunting nighty. Keep getting dirtier with your choices over time when you have had a good enough opportunity to get to know each other.
  • Wrong size would kill the mood. If it is too tight then you will be uncomfortable and too loose will not create the effect that it is meant to create.

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