Innovative Fitness Gear from Under Armor Keeps You Healthy

Innovative Fitness Gear from Under Armor Keeps You Healthy

Under Armor, popularly known as UA, started its commercial journey in 1996 by creating apparel gear that helped athletes and sportsmen brush perspiration off their skin ultimately enabling them to excel in their sporting disciplines. After being at the helm of a trailblazing commercial passage for nearly two decades, UA has now ventured into the health & fitness segment by launching an innovative line of daily activity trackers. UA which unveiled a range of health gadgets at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Fair on 6th January, 2016 made these available for sale by April end both as standalone items and as a package.

The novel line of health gear comprises gadgets that monitor nutrition, sleep, and fitness. For instance, HealthBox that has been designed and produced in collaboration with HTC comes with a smart band that fits around the wrist and aids in supervising sleep patterns and everyday activities. HealthBox carries a modest price tag of $400 and competes on an equal footing with similar products from Garmin, FitBit, and Jawbone. Another device known as UA Heart Band can be conveniently strapped around your heart especially during cardiovascular workouts for monitoring pulse and heart rates.

Then there is the UA Scale that can determine body fat in percentages as well as assess weight. All these cutting-edge equipment can be set up with UA Record App that functions as a repository for the entire database on fitness and health. The data which can be classified into four broad groupings of nutrition, activity, fitness, and sleep will let users of the abovementioned products make significant lifestyle changes and choices. After earning and entrenching its goodwill in the sports apparel and footwear divisions-UA’s core strength area-the company decided to diversify and explore into the related market of activity and health trackers.

Robin Thurston, chief digital officer of UA, went on record by iterating that the well- known enterprise had over 160 million followers comprising sportspersons, athletes, and trainers. These community members were living embodiments of the fact that “what can be accomplished during your workouts can be easily undone in everyday life”. He went on to opine that any individual who was desirous of staying fit and trim could keep a tab on his or her health by scanning information collated from the aforementioned UA fitness products, namely the HealthBox, UA Scale, UA Heart Band, and UA App.

UA will also be adding another feather to its cap by releasing a smart shoe that goes by a remarkably long name-‘UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record Equipped’. Priced at $150, the smart footwear will record and archive data during jogging, running, walking, striding and gym exercises with respect to distance, duration, hour of the day and date, resting spans between workout sessions, and so on. Once you clock 450 miles through different exercising activities including running, walking, and treadmill jogs on your first pair of UA SpeedForm, the footwear will encourage you to go for new pair of shoes. UA will be able to make deeper inroads into the activity wearables segment, thanks to Nike’s exiting the market in 2014.

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