Best suitable time of the day for exercise

Best suitable time of the day for exercise There are people who enjoy sweating out early in the mornings at gym. They often utter claims of getting the most from such exercising sessions in morning. Another group of people prefer exercising after 6 pm as muscles feel loose and stretched. Experts and trainers suggest that effectiveness of gym timings depend upon body rhythms and the health goals of the person. It may be growing on biceps or losing some kilos around the waist.

Benefits of A.M. exercise

There are several positives and health benefits of exercising at early mornings. According to a personal trainer, it is a great solution for people who prioritize weight loss.  Practicing cardio exercises with empty stomach helps in burning a lot of fat calories. It is because carbs reserves of the body are fully utilized. This allows human body to firstly utilize fat stores to get energy.

Some evidences advocate the habit of early morning exercise suggesting that such people in most cases may stick to the same fitness routine. According to fitness expert, these people exercise early before facing other challenges of the day which can demand a lot of time. People have positive intentions but often realities in life keep people away from exercise in certain instances.

Positives of exercise in P.M.    

Fitness expert points out that people should always consider their body’s strength and weakness. He advocates that best suitable time for exercise depends on body clock and the one which fits their schedules. From a physiological perspective, afternoon could be more suitable for intensive exercises like racquetball and kickboxing. Research has revealed that body temperature rise a few notches during afternoon that warms the connective tissues, muscles etc. It also brings an improvement in terms of performance capabilities.

An afternoon workout requires limited time while stretching upon the mat. It is because muscles and heart are well prepared to face the stress of exercising. It may be better compared to going for exercise newly out of the bed which may put a person at elevated risk for injury. Fitness expert May believes that human body is like a car. It may not go the desired distance in the absence of fuel. Similarly, the body lacks enough glycogen or even stored fuel for backing up a proper workout session in the morning. She advises her clients to exercise using weights for better health and building muscle mass.

Irrespective of workout time selection, experts suggest that best results can be achieved by balancing it out with frequent intervals. It should be spread out through the entire week instead of saving up for a full day or weekends. One may also run similar number of miles throughout a day as in 3 or 4 small sessions. In that case, similar number of calories may be burnt by losing out on different health benefits. Exercise lowers the blood glucose and blood pressure levels.

Another health benefit is that exercise curbs appetite in many people. It is a great reason to spend extra hours at the gym.

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