How to Decorate Your Home for a Casual Look

Interior design may be one of the best things about having a home.  It gives you the ability to express yourself through what you place in your home.  You can bask in all the glory when guests love the look and ask who did it.  Hiring a professional is always an option; however, nobody knows you like you do.  Designing your own home puts you in control of what it looks like and what atmosphere it conveys.  There are so many home décor stores,but the hardest part may be choosing a style you love.  If you’re a simple, easygoing person, the casual style may be perfect for you.  This article will give highlights and tips how to style your home for a casual look.

Where to begin

Being hesitant to decorate your home is very common.  Change is scary and can cause uneasiness.  The plus side to decorating is that the change doesn’t have to be drastic and it can actually turn out wonderful.  If you’re not one for drastic change, the casual style would be perfect because it doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference.  Some people enjoy their homes to be elaborate and upscale; others just want a warm cozy, casual home to spend their time in.  There is nothing wrong with the latter, both design strategies can come out impeccable, however it may take a little more time and effort.  Casual design is nice because it doesn’t focus on being perfect.  It focuses on bringing items together that may or may not match and create a lovely atmosphere for your home.

Important factors

There are key factors in home designing the three that will be highlighted in this article are; lighting, color, and furniture.  All of these factors play a big role in how your home will look.  Fortunately, with the casual look, all of them tie in together very well.

  • Lighting – Lighting is very important, it can change the overall feel of a room, depending on how well or poorly lit the room may be.  Lighting may not seem that important, but some research shows that proper lighting can make all the difference in your home.  There are three different lighting types that you will need to focus on:  They are general, decorative, and task lighting.  General lighting lights the whole room, decorative lighting brings a focal point to that piece such as a lamp or chandelier, and task lighting illuminates any workplace you may have.  How do the lighting types tie into the casual look?   General lights are needed in every room so it’ll be easy to find something simple that illuminates the whole room.  The fun part in design is decorative lighting, for casual design, a rustic lamp is the perfect focal point for any room.  You can save a lot of money by shopping at your local thrift store and finding vintage items that will bring in that cozy feeling.   Task lighting should only be focused on if you need it, general and decorative will provide a casual look on their own.  While you focus on lighting, don’t forget to consider emergency lighting for your house.  Not only will they add flair, they can help keep you safe as well.
  • Color – Choosing the color scheme is another fun thing in designing your home.  To create a casual look you should focus on neutral and warm colors.  Ivory, tan, and pastels are great choices.  Throwing in some dark colors like burgundy, navy, and chocolate brown are good choices as well to add some contrast.  Creating a warm and pleasant color scheme will bring that casual look you desire.
  • Furniture – When going for the casual look you will want to aim for bigger pieces.  A larger, longer couch and big square ottomans are great cozy pieces of furniture.  Woods that are lighter, such as oak and pine, are great choices because they pair well with the warm neutral color scheme.  When choosing upholstery, textures are a nice additive to make the room pop.  Covered couches and lots of pillows can make a room feel very cozy.  When choosing furniture for your casual feel, go for bigger pieces and add soft textures when you can.

Different rooms

Another nice thing about the casual style is that it is easy to implement in every room of your home.  Simple cream whimsy curtains can add that soft touch and can go in all the rooms or only a few.  If deciding what is casual is difficult, focus on what is comfortable or looks comfortable.   Pair that with a soft textured blanket or pillow, and you have created a casual ensemble.  The different rooms also will dictate the lighting you will need.  Depending on where your workspace is that and the kitchen should be where most of your task lights are.   While focusing on the lighting, do not forget to consider emergency lighting, you never know when they may come in handy.  The living room and bedroom can be centered toward pieces that make you feel at home.  An old lamp, bookshelf, and end tables are other options you can include in your casual look.  A soft textured showered curtain with a vintage tub can transform an ordinary bathroom into a casual cozy bathroom that everyone will love.


Some of the main goals people have when they want to decorate are to show their creativity and create change.  Decorating your home is the perfect outlet to display that.  We spend the majority of our time at home, so of course we want it to be a reflection of us.  While the task may seem daunting, it can equally be just as fun.  If it is not fun, consider hiring a professional.  It may cost a pretty penny however, it will save you peace of mind that your home will look amazing.  The greatest benefit of going for a casual look is that it doesn’t have to be expensive.  If you don’t have money to buy new furniture look into upcycling what you have.  Repainting an old lamp or table can be a lot less costly than buying a new one.  If you want to change up the upholstery look into recovering your couch with a different fabric or buying new blankets to throw over it.  It’s very easy to change up any old pillows and can be quite easy by creating a new cover for them.  If all else fails there is nothing wrong with going to the thrift store, and or going to any store and finding a piece that you love.  Google and Pinterest are great search engines for design ideas.  YouTube is fantastic for how-to’s and DIY projects.   Remember if you’re going for a casual look, keep it simple.

Designing your home can be as fun as you want it to be.  Going for the casual style is not a bad idea for your first time.  It is very simple and chic.  Casual décor can be inexpensive as well.  Look around and see what you have before you go to the store you may be surprised at what you have at home.  Go for soft pastels and neutral colors. Don’t be afraid to add in textures and pops of color to add contrast.

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