Worst mistakes people make in eye care

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The sense organ that humans depend upon the most is the eye. Majority of the information that brain receives is provided by the eye. Still, eyes are not cared as much as they deserved. Ophthalmology, the study of eyes, has advanced significantly but ophthalmologists are still struggling with the lack of seriousness among their patients. The awareness about the importance of proper care is slowly spreading and people do follow various eye care tips. Unfortunately, many of those who are aware of the significance of eye care mistake, and make their eyes vulnerable to serious conditions. There are some mistakes eye care that should be corrected at the earliest for good.

Applying eyeliner onto waterline: Eyeliners should never be applied onto the inner lining (waterline) of the eye. Besides, soft eyeliner pencils are safe but the tubes are not.

Negligence towards annual check-up: Periodic eye check-up are essential even if a person does not feel any problem. Internal issues of the eye do not have early symptoms, and there are many cases in ophthalmology where the patients visited the doctor when the condition had become acute or untreatable.

Not wearing sunglasses throughout the year: Sunglasses have year-round importance in ophthalmology. They should be worn even in winters, especially in cold countries, to prevent eye damage due to reflection of sunlight from the snow sheet.

Reliance on redness-reducing solutions: Common medicated solutions reduce the redness of the eye temporarily. They cannot heal the cause due to which eyes turn red or irritated. An ophthalmologist should be consulted as soon as possible if condition is persistent.

Sleeping with contact lenses: Keeping contact lenses on overnight deprives the cornea of oxygen and makes it vulnerable to infection. Chances of corneal ulcer in people who wear contact lenses overnight is 10 – 15 times higher than those who do not.

Sleeping with makeup: Washing cosmetic makeup thoroughly off the face should be followed as a rite before going to sleep. Makeup ingredients get wipes on pillows and sheets and can cause styes. Those who wear false eye lashes can develop major inflammation due to its glue.

Staring at electronic devices: Some ophthalmologists say that the blue light emitted by electronic devices such as computers and smartphones is as harmful for eyes as UV rays from the sun. People working on such devices throughout the day should blink normally, which may require deliberation. Besides, taking eyes off the device every 20 minutes and onto a distance object or view for around 20 seconds is necessary to refresh the organs.

Touching and/or rubbing: Eyes remain covered by a thin mucous film, which can catch the germs on the hand of the person and cause infection. When eyes itch severely, they can be rubbed but gently with eyelids completely shut. Hard rub can rupture thin blood vessels in the eye.

Using expired products: There is no scope for expired products in ophthalmology. Eye drops, contact lens solutions, etc. should not be used expired. Besides, contact lenses should be stored only in sterile solutions that are specially produced for the purpose.

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