The differences between the two: Dental Bridges and Dental Implants

There exist only two ways in which a missing tooth can be replaced: Bridges and Implants. Both these treatments come with several advantages, so one should be paying a visit to their dentist before zeroing- in on their preferred choice.

Dental Bridges:

Here, an artificial tooth gets positioned between two ordinary teeth. After that crowns are fixed on the teeth supporting this additional tooth just as a ‘bridge’. It usually takes two sessions to perform this work. Bridges are really affordable and come at a low cost than that of the implants. They retain the appearance of the old teeth and are safe from tooth decay. But the thing is that in trying to accommodate artificial tooth, it may spoil the health of a properly functioning tooth. Also, if an adjoining tooth builds up cavity, the entire structure can get destroyed.

Dental Implants:

The support of adjacent teeth is not required here. The support is coming from a fake root that got placed inside the jaw. The process of osseointegration is carried out here. The implantation process gets finished- off by placing a crown on its top. Jawbone loss gets slowed down by implants, preventing the face to droop down. Less pain is caused in this process to the adjoining teeth and if maintained properly, this fixture can last for a lifetime. On the negative side, infections are normally associated with this process. Also, dental implants are on the expensive side and could be a risky business if a person is not carrying a dental insurance.

Author Bio: Tim Galoger, works as a marketing consultant for Valeria Lawrence Dental office  and he is an author of many articles related to law and personal injury.

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