Ice Sculpture Making Process and Decoration Ideas

When it comes to party decoration, there is hardly anything more spectacular than an ice sculpture. Whether it’s a formal occasion or a party for close relatives, ice sculptures can add life to any event. The great thing about ice sculptures is that they can be used for both real life activities and solely for decoration purposes. For example, an ice-made flower vase can be used for storing flowers, while an ice sculpture of a clown can be the perfect decoration item for your son’s birthday party.

How can I make an ice sculpture?

You can easily buy hand-crafted ice sculptures from professional service providers, but if you want to experiment with your creative skills, buy some molds as per your requirements and start creating artifacts in ice.

# Buy a reusable or one-time-only ice mold from a reputed company.

# Clean it properly using soap and water.

# You can use normal water or distilled water for making ice sculptures. However, distilled water is a better choice because the ice looks clearer and when the sculpture is placed under lights, it looks excellent. You can add colors to the water to make the statue realistic. Glitters can also be added to the water for a sparkling effect.

# Put the mold in the freezer and pour water (normal/colored/glitter) inside it. Make sure the mold is not filled to the top because water expands when it transforms into ice. Also, check that the mold is sitting straight because if it is not, water will not be distributed proportionately.

# Keep the mold in freezer for 48-72 hours.

# Retrieve it from the freezer and place the mold face down on a table. If it’s a one time mold, remove it using a knife and if it’s reusable, peel it away. An ice sculpture can last for maximum 9 hours, when placed indoors. Nine hours is enough for any party.

So, now you are aware of the ice sculpture manufacturing process, but do you know how you can use it for decoration? Let me share some ice sculpture ornamentation tips with you. I will tell you how you can use them for simple decoration, functional and advertisement purpose. Depending on the event you are hosting, you can apply the following suggestions.

Ice Sculpture Decoration Ideas

# Decoration for party: Different types of ice sculptures can be used for decoration purpose. For example, if it’s a wedding reception, you can create a large interlocking heart in ice to announce your true love to the world. On the other hand, if you are arranging a music concert, an ice made piano can take the audience’s breath away. The main thing you must keep in mind is that the ice figurine must match with the theme of the event. Use your imagination and you will find more ideas.

# Beautiful and functional: An ice luge is both beautiful and useful. You can use it for serving drinks to the guests in any party.  Similarly, you can create a sculpture in ice and use it for presenting food to the people present in the party. Place the sculpture on the buffet table and keep seafood and fruits on it. It will keep the food items cold and help them retain their flavors.

# Make it look like an advertisement: You can form the sculpture in the mold of your company’s brand logo for any corporate event to make sure that everyone pays attention to it. Use it as a centerpiece for table decoration. You can also carve the catchphrase of your company in ice for business promotion.

Ice sculptures can be displayed in groups to convey a message to the audience. You can also mix and match colors for a visual contrast and create the statues in different heights for perfect symmetry. You should make extra ice sculptures so that even if a few of them gets destroyed due to any weather issue, the backup piece can be placed immediately. Ice is bound to melt, hence make sure that there is someone to remove the melted water from time to time.

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