What brands Dubai a tourism hotspot for vacationists?

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Dubai is widely acknowledged to be the best tourist spot in the world and no doubt its worthy to visit the place once in a lifetime. What people must know about the place is the fact that nearly thirty years ago there was nothing as modern as the city we see today. It was more like a fishing port with rickety ships sailing and barefooted fishermen making their living but that was all in the past.

The emirate of Dubai changed into one of the most modern cities of the world. The rulers of Dubai probably figured out that the huge oil reserves were going to be depleted one day, so they devised to invest all they had into making the Desert into a tourist spot, and not just any tourist spot but a place that could simply magnetise anyone experiencing the gravity of the planet Earth.

When thinking about the reasons to travel to Dubai, one simply thinks where to start from? The highest tower of the world or the seven star hotels, the famous Dubai Marina or the manmade island Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Mall or the epic Ski Dubai!

The tourist attractions are just immense. The scenery is beyond imagination and the experiences are simply one of a kind. In Dubai, there is just everything. Golf clubs, shopping malls, colourful dancing fountains, amusement parks, Equestrian centre, sparklingly clear swimming pools and of course the one of the most elegant beaches in the world.

Living in Dubai is itself a great experience. The apartments for rent are absolutely luxurious if rented at the right place and in order to get to the right place, Bayut.com will always be there to lend you a hand. Dubai is a personal favourite of the western world, as the highest density of westerners is found there. Why the place is a personal favourite is simply because of its elegant high rise buildings, the man-made Palm Islands, its mouth-watering cuisines, the lake view of the manmade marina, the luxurious boat rides enough to fulfil a Venetian experience and the list goes on….

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is a jewel in the crown of Dubai. Everything you do in the uppermost stories of the building could be regarded as highest, like sipping a cup of coffee could simply become the highest coffee experience in the world. The observation deck is, likewise, called “At the Top” and it provides you with the most enchanting view of the landscape you can ever experience in your life.

The versatile experience which Dubai offers is simply incomparable! There is so much to see and so much to visit. The days of visit just fall short every time. Whether you are visiting with your family or with your friends, your experience at Dubai is going to be enjoyable. At night, the city is so colourful with such spectacular lights twinkling at you from all sides that you just want to mesmerise in the view. There is a lot of vacationing stuff that this marvellous city holds for you and in the nutshell Dubai proves itself as a big treat the moment you reach there.

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