A Short Talk on Performing the Umrah Well This Year

Without a doubt, for any self-respecting Muslim, the Umrah and Hajj holds prime importance in their lives. This is for the Muslim brothers and sisters from the world over, where a trip to the holy cities once in their lifetime is a must. It is considered to be one of the five important pillars of the respected Islamic culture. And it is a mandate or an obligation for every Muslim with enough financial along with physical capabilities to embark on Umrah tours.

Of the ways and traditions

They say Hajj is obligatory and Umrah can be done anytime through the year, but both are an important pillar of the Islamic way of life, tradition and culture for the Muslim community across the globe. Everyone wants to travel to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, and they all want to perform Hajj and Umrah as well. It is during the holy month of Ramadan where the Muslim men and women travel to these holy cities to perform Umrah. This is an act which is equally rewarding as that when Hajj is performed

The fact

Most that come for Umrah aren’t aware of the ways on performing the sacred ritual, as it was handed down by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). These in fact are ways which would be of utmost importance while performing the holy ritual, and it is in fact shown in the teachings of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) too. According to the teachings, this is what would be acceptable to the almighty Allah (S.W.T).

A Brief talk on the right ways to perform Umrah

  1. Get into the state of Ihram right from the start. Do this by bathing well, clipping nails and shortening your hair. Carry on your simple cotton clothes in white and once you enter into Ihram, abandon the thoughts of hunting, wearing perfumes and even thoughts of sexual intercourse too.

  2. For Twaf, one has to enter the famous Grand Holy Mosque in Mecca. Get into the holy mosque with the right foot first inside entering through the Bab-as-Salam Gate of the Kaaba, and while doing so continue being in a state of prayer and penance, which would help you do the Twaf well

  3. The Twaf starts from the well respected Hijr-e-Aswad also known as the Black Stone. One has to do this in an anti-clockwise direction. While doing so, the Talbiyah has to be recited.

  4. Once this is done, a round of two hills, the safa and the marwah needs to be completed, this is called Sa’i, which is an important step in Umrah. It is over here that very important verses of the Holy Quran are recited, while standing.

  5. Hair is cut only when the Sa’i is completed and some men shave their heads or shorten it. Women can shorten their hair up to two centimetres as per the requisition. Cutting of the hair symbolises the fact that the pilgrims have made penance and repented for their sinful ways of living.

The Umrah thus is a way of penance and one that bestows the innocence of a child back into the souls of the pilgrims upon completion.

Author Bio: Pratik Joshi works for M.Zahid Travel and has been studying in detail how Hajj and Umrah tours have helped many across the world find inner peace and strength. If you too would like to embark on a journey spiritual and divine, it would be wise to speak with at least four to five agents online and compare their packages for the same, says the author.

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