3d Printing Helped in the Renovation of Fort Harrison

The year 1926 witnessed the opening of hotel Fort Harrison at Clearwater in Florida. Although it has gained much reputable a position in the past, it needed a renovation during the 1970s. But it took quite a number of years to bring about a complete renovation following the purchase of this hotel by another. It is, in fact, in this year that the renovation completed. The owners wanted a smaller model of hotel Fort Harrison so as to mark the auspicious reopening of this hotel. This is exactly when 3D printing service showed up to put everything together.

All they needed was a model of Fort Harrison, but the time was limited to a month’s duration. Only solution that could be thought of was quick prototyping. What made the entire process easy and smooth is the 3D CAD model of Fort Harrison that they had handy. For the accomplishment of the task, it was the owners who called for EMS, who, in turn, made use of Z Corp 3D printers so as to carry out the process. The printers work by putting one layer over the other until the process is completed.

The 3D printing, thus is immensely useful in creating models when time is limited. It would have been impossible if the owners thought of hiring manual labor to construct the model. Though these CAD files were not complete to be liked by EMS, the troubles were sorted through editing and preparing them up before starting with 3D printing procedure.

EMS was quite conversant with building the architectural models as they have been doing this for years. It had been a routine procedure for them to fix the CAD data for hotels which again was among the 3D printing. After the printing was done, EMS prepared to bronze plate the model since the owners desired the elegant look.

The usefulness of these 3D printers is yet unknown to many. Some are doubtful about its value. Had the 3D printers not been available, the owners would have to play down the need and desire to arrange the reopening with the model of Fort Harrisonl. Thanks to 3D printing that owners of Fort Harrison could not only bring up a model, but an elaborately detailed model of Fort Harrison to impress the audience during the grand occasion. The most amazing fact is that the complete work of producing the model could be accomplished within just a week. It could not have been practicable with any other method.

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