Fast Tips to Match a Dress Shirt With A Suit

Whether you’re getting ready for a big event or just another day at work, matching your dress shirt with your suit is important for maintaining an overall look of professionalism and sophistication. Men often remember to match the tie with their outfits, but the shirt is something that slips by unnoticed.

So instead of laboring over the options in your closet an hour before you need to get dressed, here are a few tips to match shirts, even custom dress shirts, with your suit.

Pick the Suit First

This might sound overly simple, but you can eliminate a lot of the hassle of picking a dress shirt or ordering custom dress shirts by picking out your suit first. Ensure it provides a proper fit before you buy.

Be Mindful of Patterns

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a patterned suit or a patterned shirt. However, putting those two items together can be a bit too much. Only wear one patterned item, be that your suit or your custom dress shirt. For the professional realm, subtlety is best.

Choose Complementary Colors

To the best of your ability wear matching or complementary colors. So, if your suit is black, black custom dress shirts might be good things to stock up on. For a gray suit, consider wearing a pink shirt. You get the idea.

The White Shirt As Fail-Safe

Though it might seem boring, white custom dress shirts will go with just about any color and cut of suit. Instead of going bold with your shirt choice, you can keep it simple with a classic and stylish white shirt. Save the outlandish patterns for your tie. You’ll look professional and won’t have to think about what you wear too much, which is a major plus for most guys.

Don’t Forget the Tie!

As mentioned above, it’s not enough to match your dress shirt with your suit. You also need to pick a tie that completes the ensemble. Try to avoid buying ties on impulse. Though that plaid pattern might be fun to look at in the store, it’s not necessarily a good choice for everyday wear. When it doubt, go for solid-colored ties or those with subtle patterns. For the record, you can’t go wrong with a simple black tie on a white shirt and black suit. And if you want something more personalized, you can always get custom dress shirts to complete your look.

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