Ways to fuel up before a workout session

Ways to fuel up before a workout sessionAccording to nutritionist Susan Kleiner, improper food intake before workout won’t produce desired results in fitness. It will be impossible to train sufficiently and make the most of each workout session. Susan has worked with many NFL, Olympic and NBA athletes and authored a book ‘Power Eating’. This is because the approach to eating defines the muscle cells readiness with energy required to help torching build and fat muscle. It messages the main organ .i.e. brain to decide upon the number of calories which may be burned. One may follow the discussed below steps:

Exercise after taking a solid meal 

Filling your body with a balanced amount of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats before a workout session ensure high fitness levels in future. However, prevent yourself from overeating as the food should be at least partially digested prior to exercising. These thoughts are voiced by a certified fitness training expert with an institute in Poland. Trying out either of food combinations such as fresh fruits and Greek Yogurt, peanut butter-jelly sandwich and rice with chicken should be fine.

Consumption of coffee

Caffeine has the power to almost accelerate the workout. According to research findings, carbs consumption coupled with caffeine intake lead to better results in terms of fitness. It leads to higher spike in muscular glycogen which is the stored carbohydrates for initial line of fuel. As opposed to a school of thought, it won’t dehydrate the person concerned. According to Albert Matheny, an exercise and nutrition expert, a well made iced brew should be fine.

Carbohydrate intake

According to nutrition and fitness experts, some of the best suited pre-workout foods are rich in carbohydrates. These are low in fiber and fats which can be digested easily to gain energy for a solid workout session. Simpler carbohydrates are always better which can empty the stomach really quick. It can spike the blood sugar required in pre-workout period for maximizing intensity. As a board certified dietitian puts it “fat burns in a flame of carbohydrates’. Half an hour or an hour in pre-exercise period may be the suitable time to seek what works in your favor. Each person’s stomach reacts to food differently while 30 mins or an hour time before exercising is the best suited time.

Reach out for supplements

Blocks, drinks and sports gel are manufactured to serve a purpose. These are purely electrolytes and carbohydrates meant for fueling up stomach prior to workout. It won’t be heavy on stomach as it consists of maltodextrin, a quickly digesting carbs working in favor of many people. Vitargo is another option rich in starch which empties the stomach for reaching muscles very quickly.

Go slowly and relax

A stomach can be really sensitive in some people to react adversely to fueling up. For those experiencing exercise powered stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhea, lowering protein, fiber and fat content prior to each exercise session is the right step. Experts also recommend having JELL-O which is popular with hospital patients. The aforementioned steps can guide anyone towards a safe and secure post workout results and fitness.

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