Making Your Own Homemade Pest Control Products

Making Your Own Homemade Pest Control ProductsLeave it to the good ol’ kitchen to be a place where you can use the items there to make your own, natural and safe homemade pest control products.

That’s right, you can use any number of simple around the kitchen products, alone or in combination to thwart the most invasive of insect pests.

Sometimes Mother Nature provides the best remedies and some of these concoctions are as easy as 1-2-3.

for example, did you know that simple coffee grounds can fend off the march of ants? That’s right, the morning cup of java’s leftovers can stop these antennae antagonists right in their tracks. Just take the used coffee grounds and sprinkle them around areas you don’t want ants around. Soon, you’ll be free of their shenanigans and you won’t harm a hair on their six legged hides.

If you really don’t like ants, and you want to take the more fatal strike, then using sugar and borax is the way to go. Two tablespoons of Borax, 1 cup of very warm water, and ½ cup of sugar and place where ants are. They’ll drink the stuff up and it’s curtains for them.

Whether it’s vampires or insects, garlic will ward off anything when used the right way. In this case, you mix garlic with it and produce a pesticide that is safe and effective. Put the garlic and in in a food processor, and add a wee bit of cayenne pepper plus a drop of dishwashing liquid. Boil it up and let it sit overnight, strain it and put it in a spray bottle and you’re good to go. No matter where you spray this concoction, it’s gonna either send something running away or put the kibosh on them for good.

Dust mites. Everyone hates dust mites. You can battle the little buggers with a combination of eucalyptus, or clove, or lavender, peppermint or even rosemary oil. Just put it in a spray bottle and mist your bed with a light spray. Let the spray to dry and you’ll be throwing a wrench in the planes of the mites. They can’t take the smells and will run for the hills. If you wan to deflect more disgusting critters like lice and fleas, add some basil and lemongrass.

Just these few of a number of simple homemade pest control concoctions can change things for the better. Search around as there are more that are safe and cheap for battling the things that bug you.

Image credit: Stas Walenga

Author Bio: Tony Rolland is working with Emergency Pest Patrol, a local pest patrol company. He is an author of many articles concerning home improvement,  alternative health, medical conditions and sport medicine.

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