Healthiest foods to have after a good workout session

Healthiest foods to have after a good workout sessionGoing to the gym for exercise is a good habit which will be fruitless without some powerhouse foods. Often the food consumed post a workout session fails to provide desired muscular look. Some people also become exhausted due to lack of proper nutrients. To make sure that workout counts, the below mentioned foods can be really helpful.


Mono-saturated fat content of Avocado helps in muscle repair and the presence of Vitamin B jump-starts metabolism. Healthy fats are required to absorb vitamins A and E which is present in the fruit. It has Vitamin B which helps the body to metabolize proteins and healthy carbohydrates. Some studies have shown that avocadoes lower the vulnerability to prostate cancer. It is better to consume the complete fruit or some slices can be added to an omelette.

Cherry Juice

Cherry juices contain antioxidants which help in fighting off the muscle damages. The cherries are known to boost sex life and also help outside the gym. According to a research study, people drinking tart cherry juice in 24 ounces per day had lesser muscle soreness after exercise. It is a wiser decision to do away with brands made out of concentrate.


Chocolate milk

Water helps in keeping you hydrated after exercising. Chocolate milk contains plenty of protein and carbohydrates which helps in recovery post workouts. It also reinstates muscle glycogen and preparation would hardly take 15 minutes. It also contains protein, healthy fats and calcium.


Eggs are a high source of protein and also contain nine significant amino acids. It is the best suited food to lower muscle damage within the body. Egg yolk has 50% of the full protein content and it is a wiser decision to consume it instead of throwing away. Omega three fatty acids and Vitamin D are also present which gives the required nutritional bang.

Green Tea          

The energy boosting drink helps in burning fats is more ways than one. It has strong anti oxidants which help in metabolizing fats. It can also fight the exercise powered free radicals which may lead to muscular soreness and inflammation. Epigallocatechin gallate is one of the main compounds which may treat chronic inflammatory issues ranging from Alzheimer, heart disease to cancer.

Sweet potatoes

Plant based and wholesome carbohydrates are essential after intensive workouts to be in a desirable shape. Muscle glycogen, the energy reserves are broken down by the body. These roots are superfoods with plenty of Vitamin A and carbohydrates. Fibre content in the vegetables keeps the consumer full and away from foods stocked into vending machine. It also restores the supply of glycogen.


This fat burning food has lactoferrin content which provides immune support. After an intensive gym workout, one scoop has the same amount of protein as found in full chicken breast. With the production of insulin spike, muscles are encouraged to absorb the glucose. This protein powder can be paired with juices, and shakes. Research reveals that people aiming for weight loss can burn fats with the consumption of whey more than those who don’t.

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