Davis-Islands-Home-Window-Tinting-Feb2013We’ve all seen those snazzy high end homes with window tinting but it’s not all about looking good.  There are some very real practical reasons for getting window tinting.  So here are six good reasons for home window tinting.


As mentioned above, home window tinting isn’t all about looking good.  A tinted window allows for protection should the glass be damaged.  No flying shards as the glass is still held together for the most part by the window tilting film itself.  If one has young kids or lives in a weather stressed area this is a good reason to get home window tinting for sure.


The interior of the home can benefit from home window tinting as well.  You’ve got colorful furniture, rugs, flooring, art on the walls and all can be color damaged by the harmful UV rays of the Sun.  Shades help but you can’t see outside whereas home window tinting still keeps the damaging rays out but allows you to see in and out.  This a major equitable feature to say the least.  Far too many people don’t pay attention to sun damage until it’s too late.  The angle of the sunlight through the windows can make a rug look half new or a couch the same way.  That valuable print or painting on the wall can get faded fast and become irreparable costing a good penny lost.  So think of home window tinting as a prevention as the cure can be costly.


Having home window tinting around your den, extension of the house, bedroom or wherever you’ve got a good amount of window coverage can aid to some well deserved privacy.  You don’t want people peeking in on everything you do and a good application of home window tinting can do just that.  Get the right opaqueness and you’ll be able to see outside fine and keep goings on inside to yourself.


Ever try to navigate around the house and do chores or engage in any home activity and the sun beams in so bright you can hardly see  Well that’s where home window tinting comes in.  Look around the home during the brightest times of the year and plan a home window tinting strategy.  You’ll be able to see out but not be jeopardized by glaring sunlight.


Paying for home heating and air conditioning is getting more expensive.  One good way to preserve the income is to add home window tinting.  Yes, home window tinting helps to keep the heat rays out during the summer and heat inside during the cold months.  Just a simple application will save you some extra money and that adds up in the end.


We all like our homes to look good and having some home window tinting done can turn a home into quite an attractive property.  Don’t overdo it but have it done aesthetically in just the right places.  It can not only look good but add to the overall equity of the property.

Overall, there aren’t any drawbacks to adding home window tinting.  Just talk to your dealer and get the right choices for you.

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