Dust Free: how to maintain and air conditioning register

One of the most important things you can do for your air conditioner is to keep it clean and free of dirt and dust. When dust gets inside the system, it can get on the fans, the coils and coat everything, making it run slower. It will have to continue to run, without cycling or turning off, in order to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This will cause the system to freeze over and not produce more cold air.

Change the Filters

One way to help keep dust from getting into your HVAC unit is by keeping clean filters in all the return air vents. When the filters get dirty and clogged, your system will work harder to create air flow. The dirt in the filters will break away and get into the system.

Clean the Outside Grill

You need to go outside to the condenser unit and pull off the outer covering every once in a while. Using a brush, go over the grill on the covering. If you leave the cover on, you can be brushing all the dust and dirt into the unit instead of getting it away from it.

Brush the Inside Vents

Just as dust can be brushed into the condenser if you do not take off the cover, you can brush debris into the system every time you dust the vents in your home. While the vent may be blowing air from the ac and into the house, it will get sucked back up by the return air vent and then get into the motor area.

Cover the Unit When Not Working

If you are not using the AC, and will not be for a few months, bet a cover to go over the whole unit. You will be keeping dirt and dust from getting inside and also keeping the snow from melting into it and possibly causing trouble. You can find covers that will go over the unit and can be attached to the pad it sits on or that have an elastic bottom to fit around the bottom of the unit snugly.

Making sure your ac unit stays dust-free is important to how well it will work. When the system is clogged and not able to run properly, it is going to cost you more money for your utility bill. It can also damage internal parts so you will need to call on a technician to come and fix your unit. If you notice that your system seems to be running more than usual and your house is not staying as cool, it is time to do some dusting. If it is still running and not cooling enough, you need to have the technician come and check over the entire system. You do not want to be paying high utility bills when you do not have to. The cleaner your system, the more efficient it will be. The more efficient it is, the lower your electric bill and the longer your system will last.

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