Functions Performed by Autorefractor in Optometric Sector

Humphrey-AutorefractorAutorefractors are the machined used by eye doctors for measuring the refractive errors of the individuals and prescribing for contact lenses or eyeglasses. Eye doctors can measure the errors in refraction based on the variation of the light entering into the eyes of the individuals. The technique associated with the automated refraction is simple, quick and involves relatively less pain.

Process of Detecting Refractive Errors

Optometrists or the eye doctors need few seconds for taking traditional eye examinations with the help of Autorefractors. For this, patients have to the sit in front the device and rest their chins on the chin rests. Now, the device will examine the picture by only one eye at one time. Whenever the picture remains ideally placed over the retina, Autorefractor will print the reading for determining the visual activities and need for particular type of corrective eyeglasses or lenses. After this, optometrist conduct another examination, in which patients have to look at different pictures and give response to the eye doctors about the fuzzy or clear image. The examination tries many lenses for determination of further prescription strength. Experienced personalities associated with the optical sector have considered Autorefractor as one of the best equipment to determine the refraction of light. The reason for this is that the device does not need any type of verbal responses from the patients.

Portable Autorefractors

Portable Autorefractors play significant role in making sure about better eye health in the near future. The reason for this is that such devices help optometrists in conducing preliminary eye examinations for all individuals, unable physically visiting the office of the eye specialists. Mobile clinics involved in providing on site optometric treatments even have portable Autorefractor for identification of the patients need corrective eyeglasses or lenses.

Autorefractors and Wave front Analysis

Autorefractor using wave front optics possesses the detection capabilities of detecting both lower and higher order aberrations of the human eyes. In fact, optometrists have revealed about the growing use of this advanced technology because manufacturers are consistently making developments in the contact lenses and spectacles and even eye surgeons are taking steps for expansion of LASIK surgical processes.

HRK-7000 Wave-front Autorefractors

Now days, optometric professionals involved in doing different types of wave front analysis are using HRK-7000 Wave-front Autorefractors. Huvitz, one of the leading companies has taken the responsibility of manufacturing the special type of Autorefractor for performing different types of wave front analysis.

Working Principle of HRK-7000

HRK-7000 Autorefractor works on the principle of a leading personality named Hartmann-Shack. The instrument is responsible for combining the best features present in the autorefractors, aberrometers and autokertometers. Wave fronts play a vital role in graphical display of all the aberrations of second-order, along with astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia. If this is not enough, you can even get the opportunity to take print out of the wave fronts. In conclusion, autorefractors always intend to give reliable results to the eyecare practitioners, while providing all types of significant data for performing different types of preliminary tests. Lastly, future of autorefraction instruments will continue offering of exciting advancements for both optometric experts and the patients.

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