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Every person has been stung by the poison of anxiety at one time or the other. In a very lucid language, anxiety can be defined as that feeling or sensation that causes a constant ill-at-ease condition. It causes restlessness. People that suffer from anxiety are oftentimes addressed as high strung. Anxiety can be very debilitating in that it can prevent an individual to function properly, even in his regular work. Anxiety affects emotional health, mental clarity, good sleep, and also the behavior of a person.

The most regular symptoms of anxiety include restlessness, worry, tension, lack of concentration, and fatigue. Fear is entirely different because it is always caused by external stimuli. Fear causes people to dread something which, in some case, can be controlled. There is a concrete reason for such feelings. But anxiety does not always have an external reason or stimuli. This may be defined as paranoia caused by the thought of an external stimulus that can be real or imaginary, psychological or physical.

Anxiety can have two types. The cause of one is psychological stress, while the other has no external stimuli. Every individual has faced both the types of anxiety at some point of his life. It is but natural. However, people suffering the second type persistently may be said to be affected with anxiety disorder. In such cases, an individual has an overwhelming feeling even with the most regular things and cannot concentrate anywhere. The smallest of tasks are either left incomplete by such people or they can do it in immeasurably huge time. The disorder takes a toll on daily life and this is the reason why most of people suffering from anxiety disorder prefer to take medicines.

The medications prescribed for this disorder have a great number of side effects. A thorough research needs to be done before opting for a specific treatment type. A therapy can prove to be the most beneficial thing. The best way out is to talk through the troubles and trying to sort them out. This can offer a motivation that is needed for going ahead in life. In case if the disorder is too much, it is best to get a medical advice. The medication can help the person come out of the dread and fear when he can perceive the reality and normalcy of life. However, their side effects may seem a little too much!

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