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You will find a great number of manufacturers of ophthalmic equipment abounding, but you need to choose the best among them to have a distinguished quality and service. We take pride in distributing ophthalmic equipments belonging to the leading brands to all those practicing throughout the country. The brands that we deal in have been mentioned below in the present discussion. Bausch & Lomb is among the leading companies that aim toward perfecting vision. For the purpose of refractive laser surgery, we take Zyoptix® system for a more personalized correction of vision, along with Hansatome® and Zyoptix XP for microkeratomes.

Canon has opened the medical wing in its list of products that has provided immense help to the surgeons in providing perfect treatment to the patients. Canon has planned out an innovative strategy in optics as well as its fully automatic digital technology. With Canon’s upgraded technology, the retinal examinations are carried out with a lot more efficiency that promises high quality imaging. The opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists find HAAG STREIT as providing with the best solutions for practices. It has been among the leading among the ophthalmic equipment providers. Leading practitioners throughout the world trust HAAG STREIT for its ophthalmic equipments. Its equipments are offer functionality, precision, as well as practicality in handling high precision mechanics as well as optics with advanced technologies.

There is another leading company and that is LightMed. The company designs, manufactures and distributes ophthalmic equipments and it focuses on laser treatment equipments in the near future. Our professionals are experts and are highly trained in the ophthalmic equipment industry in Optical, Laser, Mechanical and Electronic fields.

NIDEK offers good ophthalmic solutions with its huge array of products that aim at perfecting glaucoma, retinal diseases, and just any kind of vision impairment. We primarily focus at offering world class services. NIDEK has remained among the most innovative companies in the world in providing ophthalmic equipments.

It has been over 110 years that OCULUS has remained the closest of the companions of the eye care professionals. The products that OCULUS manufactures are constantly facing challenges for the innovative and advanced technology and designs that go into the making of its ophthalmic equipments that have managed to prove efficient in offering the best assistance to the practitioners in providing the best of the treatments to the patients.

SciCan Ltd. has continually proven its worth in going ahead of the rest as they offer the ophthalmic equipment of the best kind that ensure high quality as well as durability. SciCan has earned the dependability of the practitioners all around. Thr best among the Canadian manufacturers, the SciCan offers services of very high quality.

The instrumentation of Topcon (TMS) counts among the leaders in the world and have been offering service for thirty five years. The ophthalmic equipment manufactured by Topcon offer high quality as well as precision. The products have huge range of application that includes refractive, diagnostic, imaging, surgical, lens processing as well as delivery.

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