Numerous States Legalized Medical Hemp in 2012 Election

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The 2012 election made for quite a night for those who are in favor of medical hemp. In fact, it was quite unprecedented with two states even legalizing hemp for recreational purposes. Colorado and Washington were the two states that did this and it’s something that’s being talked about all across the country. Will it set a precedent? Is this just a fluke? What will the federal response be. There are many questions and not many answers at this point.

It’s uncertain if the law will even be implemented, however, since the federal law indicates medical hemp is still illegal. This could complicate matters a bit, as the federal government would have every right to come in and arrest people trying to carry out the state law. You can see how this could be very problematic and is causing some hesitation in those looking to enact the law right away.

Though there is some concern over the idea of medical hemp tourism where people would come to the state just to use it, for the most part, the country as a whole is in favor of it. More and more people are recognizing the benefits of medical hemp and how it makes many people’s lives better.

Many people wouldn’t even be smoking the medical hemp. They’d be using vaporizers to intake the substance, which is even less intrusive than standard smoking and tends to go against what people typically envision in terms of hemp. Still, the federal government isn’t too keen on the move. The Obama administration has already cracked down on dispensaries in California, so who knows what this new move would do?

The new laws in Colorado and Washington would allow for personal possession of medical hemp for up to an ounce for anyone over the age of 21. It would also carry similar taxation and require the same licensing as alcohol. Many agree that this is a fair plan for regulation of the substance. People still wouldn’t be allowed to use it in public, however, neither would they be able to grow it themselves.

All of this is good news for those that enjoy using vaporizers and have yet to enjoy medical hemp. For those that live in Washington and Colorado, a whole new world just opened up to them. All of this is positive and should bode well for the future of medical hemp. Now the federal government just has to get on board.

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