House Cleaning Tips -Cleaning Floors More Proficiently


House cleaning is an onerous job and requires a lot of efforts and planning. You cannot help but dust will settle on the surface of your house and men will always stride in the drawing room without wiping their shoes. What can you do to pre-empt and prevent the Hardwood Floors from getting dirty since they are the most difficult to clean. How can you make your House cleaning job easier?

You can reduce the labor involved for cleaning the floors by having a no shoes policy. However this regimen is not going to be successful since you cannot prevent children or pets from entering your house and bringing with them the dirt and the slush from your lawn.

I will prefer a more subtle solution and that is to have a clean shoe policy rather than a no shoe policy. Place floor mats at all entrances and exits from your house. There are different types of mats which are available and all are not always great. An ideal mat is one which can help to remove the dirt and also soak up the moisture. However this is not possible and the next best solution is to have a Brush mat outside your door so that the dirt and the slush are removed first and then another Floor mat to soak the moisture.

Pets can really prove to be a hard nut to crack since you cannot teach them to clean their legs before entering the house. However you can try other measures which will reduce the possibility of your pets carrying dirt into your house. You can trim the fur from the legs of your pets so that they don’t carry dirt and slush into your house. Don’t forget to trim his nails so that it does not scratch your vinyl floors.

When you start your house cleaning in the right earnest, start with sweeping the dirt with a broom before vacuuming. This would save a lot of effort and energy when you are vacuuming since the course materials and dirt have already been swept out. Once the vacuuming is over it is time to remove the stains which have been made on the floor. If you have been careful there may not have been any stains. Wiping off the spills immediately rather than cleaning it after the people have gone will help to prevent your floor from getting stained. As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine.

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