Daytona Beach Fishing- Sublime Experience

It is unimportant where you cast your line for fishing- From a pier or from Daytona Beach Fishing expedition; there is a lot of fishes available in the placid waters surrounding Daytona. For the discerning tourist there is a lot in this beach holiday paradise.  There is the Ponce inlet Marinas to explore, a sleek battery of deep fishing crafts which are available round the clock to try your luck in the estuaries of the Tomoka Basin.  The city regularly hosts the King of the Inlet Tournament for fishing and you can see the schedule to plan your holiday so that you can be witness and even participate in one.

Come Spring and we see most Americans head towards the Florida coasts and Daytona Beach Fishing in particular. There is something which brings back the tourists to the lagoons of Daytona, thirsting for more fun unlimited and an appetite for fishing which is never satiated. The lagoons of Daytona also abound in fishing bounties which are unending.

There are many exotic fishes which are found in the waters and lagoons of Daytona. Flounders who are the denizens of the sea bottom are abundant and can be angled from both –piers or on the Daytona Beach Fishing boats. So are the Pompanos which are often mistaken as Mackerels. Black Drums, some of them maybe as huge as 50 ponds are also regularly baited by the tourists.

Another illustrious inhabitant of the lagoons of Daytona is the Manatees. These simple and curious herbivores are the hot favorites of the tourists. Their inquisitive nature makes them an ideal recreational animal for humans. However before you part from the manatees, you can contribute to increasing the awareness of protecting these gentle animals from the ravages of modern human civilization.

Talking about different species of fishes which have been caught on the Daytona Beach Fishing trips is the Mahi Mahi. The fish can be described as the will-o- wisp of the sea and when it is brought out of the water, it changes colors many times.

If you want to get your hands on big fishes, the Matanzas inlet is an ideal place and plans your fishing with the tides so that you can get your hands on the bigger fishes when they drift in with the tides. If you prefer the fresh water to the salt laden surf of the sea, St John’s River is the place where you should be in. Check the weather since the fish levels falls drastically during cold weather.


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