Is it a Good Idea to Ban Use of Welfare Debit Cards At Strip Clubs?

Imagine that. You work hard to pay taxes which suppose to help our fellow Americans while they are on welfare  and what you have no idea that people might be using the debit cards at strip clubs, liquor stores or casinos.

“We have an obligation to root out any kind of fraud and abuse and waste of taxpayer dollars,” bill sponsor Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.) told HuffPost. “At a time you want to insure that every federal program we have has proper integrity and the money is actually getting to needy families, to needy children, this is something we need to act upon.”

The ban on welfare card withdrawals at casinos and strip clubs previously passed the House as part of a broad spending bill in December. Other provisions of that measure, which Republicans are pushing in negotiations over the reauthorization of the payroll tax and extended jobless aid, include drug testing for unemployed people and denying benefits to claimants who don’t have high school diplomas.



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