VSI Patternless Edger Rebuild Process

Vision Systems Inc. takes pride in its refurbishing process, and this video shows with great detail how VSI spares no expense in the refurbishment process. The machine shown is the Santinelli LE7070 Patternless edger refurbished by VSI.

iExaminer – the iPhone enabled ophthalmic equipment

The innovation in Ophthalmology is the integration of ophthalmic technology and the smart phones. One of the biggest manufacturers of equipment for medical diagnostics, Welch Allyn, introduced iExaminer which is device that supports certain models of iPhones for ophthalmic...

Synergetics – A Leader in Ophthalmic Equipments

Ophthalmologists all over the world make use of ophthalmic equipment to diagnose different types of eye diseases. The manufacturing of ophthalmic equipments is one of the booming businesses in the present day world. Recently the American Academy of Ophthalmology...

What is an Autorefractor Keratometer?

If you’ve ever been to the eye doctor’s office, chances are you’ve seen an autorefractor keratometer and didn’t even realize it. These devices are highly useful and though they have a slightly complicated name, their function is actually quite...

9 Autorefractor Keratometers reviewed

Right Medical / Nikon Speedy K The speedy K by right medical is a good small and modern autorefractor keratometer with automatic printing and wireless transmission of the keratometry and refraction data meaning that you can get the information...

What an Autorefractor is used for

An autorefractor is computer controlled and can’t completely remove the need for a qualified optometrist but they can make their lives a lot easier, improve accuracy and make optometry appointments a lot quicker. Autorefractors are generally used at the...

Auto-refractors make eye tests fast and accurate

It can be called an autorefractor or an automated refractor but though most people have used one few know what it is apart from ophalmologists and optometrists. They are in short though tools for automatically testing and recording the...

Fundus Camera and Opthalmic Diagnostics

As the old adage goes, “The eyes are the window of the soul”, the state of the mind of a person can be very easily ascertained by looking at the emotions exhibited by a person’s eye. The eyes of...